neeku nenu naaku nuvvu Video Songs

Suresh Productions PVT LTD
Dr. D Rama Naidu Presants
Movie Genre
Family Drama,Love

neeku nenu naaku nuvvu Video Songs
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style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: x-small;">Raghavayya (Krishnam Raju) - a rich industrialist - has a daughter (Meena Kumari). Raghavayya helps Prasad (Suman) - who was the son of Raghavayya's deceased employee - by funding his studies and finances. Prasad falls in love with Raghavayya's daughter and elopes with her to London and settles there.Raghavayya adopts a kid from orphanage and names him as Anand (Uday Kiran). In the meantime, Raghavayya's daughter (wife of Prasad) expires due to illness. They have a daughter called Seeta Lakshmi (Shriya). After a few years, they return back to Hyderabad. That's where Seeta Lakshmi meets Anand. Raghavayya has excessive hatred towards love marriages because of his daughter's elopement. Anand is very loyal to his father (Raghavayya).What would happen if Raghavayya comes to know that his loyal and truthful son fell in love with the daughter of the people who cheated him forms the bone of contention in the second half.