ko ante koti Review

Sarvaa Arts
Movie Genre
Action Romance
ko ante koti Review
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Vamsi (Sharwa) is a small time thief who gets into a transformation mode after going through a prison term and wants to reform himself as a good man. He is good at scaling tall buildings as a thief.

He is spotted by Maya Master (Srihari) a mastermind thief. The master also takes in two more men for a mission- to rob Diamond House. Meanwhile, Vamsi chances upon Sathya (Priya) and that takes him back to his past when they were in love and about to get married.

What exactly happened between both? What happens to the Diamond House mission? All this forms the rest of the story.

Sharwanand was a little shaky. At times he is found screaming and getting annoyed and sometimes he was looking sober and level headed. Basically, the fault lied in his characterization. But on a whole, it is only Sharwanand’s screen presence that made audience bear the film till the last.

Srihari had an important and interesting role but then his screen presence was not used properly. Still, he tried to do his best to infuse some life into the character. But what irks is at times he speaks in Sreekakulam slang, sometimes in his trade mark Telangana style and sometimes in Godavari slang.

Priya Anand was chirpy as ever and she looks very attractive whenever she wears traditional outfits. Her energy levels were good enough and she made her presence felt.

The fat guy was alright, the one eyed guy was okay. Kausha oozed some oomph. Raj doing the inspector’s role was effective. The main villain was scary enough but he was not used properly.