Yentha Vaadu Gaanie Review

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Yentha Vaadu Gaanie Review
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Before going for the deep analysis of Yentha Vaadu Gaani Telugu Movie Review, just took a glace on the story briefly.
Satya Deva IPS (Ajith) was the sincere cop who didn’t care anyone to protect the justice. Meanwhile, in an operation, Satya Deva lost his life and happy moments because of notorious Gangster, Victor. But, time had given a chance to Satya Deva against the Gangster,Criminal Victor. How Satya Deva avenge Victor by protecting his family? was the main story of the film.

As Simply, Yentha Vaadu Gaani was the life of sincere IPS Officer,Satya Deva.


As the story, Yentha Vaadu Gaani was an indirect and direct fight between Gangster and Sincere IPS Officer. These kind of stories were already watched many times by the movie lovers and audience. But, it was special because of Gautam Vasu Dev Menon. Vasu Dev Menon became the name for Stylish Scenes and Stylish Action Entertainers. Previously, Vasu Dev Menon directed block buster Cop films Kaakaa(Gharshana with Venkatesh) and Raghavan with Kamal Haasan. Yentha Vaadu Gaani was bit low in some scenes when compared to these films and the same way, it stood equal to these two films.

Yentha Vaadu Gaani reminds Gharshana movie, Like “How DCP Ramchandra has enemity against Panda?” In the same way, Victor and Satya Deva IPS were, but director Vasu Dev Menon presented the film with new scenes,new emotion followed by the wonderful feeling. Gautam Menon who was very smartly and skillfully blended the action scenes with emotion was perfectly executed.

And Gautam Menon who was known to be the master in presenting amazing love scenes were taken an incredible love plot between Satyadeva (Ajith) and Hemanika(Trisha). Ajith first who met Trisha was 9months pregnant and ready for delivery and again they both met after Hemanika daughter got 2 years and she was living alone, after divorced. At this point, there were no words to praise Gautam Menon, because that much amazingly he was written and directed the love story and love scenes between Ajith and Trisha. Especially, their friendship or relation turned into love was presented incredibly by Gautam Vasu Dev Menon. Really, Gautam was a master in dealing such amazing love track and in the same way, Ajith and Trisha had done beautiful job in elevating the matured love story. His taking, visuals,background music were fabulous. And also, Gautam was succeeded in writing and presenting the emotional action scenes between Victor and Satya Deva.

As per the technicalities, there was nothing to say about, because it was Gautam Vasu Dev Menon Film. In Yentha Vaadu Gaani, Cinematography and Editing were superb along with the magic done by Harris Jayaraj with background music. Especially, the track which had given, when Satya deva back into duty was fantabulous and that track was haunted everyone throughout the movie and after the movie. That much, wonderful job done by Harris Jayaraj.

But, it was better ,if the songs were dubbed properly in Telugu. A M Ratnam knew better about the production and its values. When coming to performances, Trisha and Ajith were done fantabulous job. Mainly, most of them fell out for Ajith’s incredible performance, because Ajith was looking more handsome while he was projecting different emotions on his face.

Ajith was looking hot, during the actional emotion scenes between Victor and him, as well as looking chilled in love scenes between him and Trisha. About, Ajith’s acting also, only one word spell bounded.

But as per the plot, the movie was going with some slow pace. Those who were familiar with Gautam Menon taking and school, definitely loves Yentha Vaadu Gaani. If not, a little disappointment.


Watch Yentha Vaadu Gani, If you were acquainted with Gautam Menon Films. You may watch Yentha Vaadu Gaani for watching the amazing performance of Ajith.

Watch Yentha Vaadu Gaani with cool and empty mind, eventhough it got regular ingredients. You May Watch Yentha Vaadu Gaani, to get showered with fresh love and emotional scenes followed by some regular stuff.

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