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Vykuntapali Trailers
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A flashback tale, the story begins with three friends Kranthi (Ajay) an aspiring journalist who believes in righteousness and reforming the society. Chandu (Krishnudu) a confused person but focused on keeping his mother happy and take care of her health. Michael (Ranadheer) a selfish person who believes in luxuries, the short cut way and will not hesitate to go any extreme for that. The trio meets after three years and each has their own share of problems. Michael’s goal is going to Singapore, Chandu’s goal is to get his mother operated, Kranthi’s goal is to get money for a charity home he runs, he is also in a dilemma to confess his feelings for his team leader Snigdha (Tashu Kaushik) who is totally in love with him. The story takes a dramatic turn due to an incident. What happens after that forms the rest of the plot.

Artist performances
Ajay has given a commendable performance and makes his presence felt. Krishnudu was good and adds his part. Ranadheer was energetic and fitted his character well. Tashu Kaushik was glamorous, pretty and scored in acting department as well. She deserves more chances. Subbaraju was brief, Posani came and went, Tanikella was good, Rajeev Kanakala was decent, Sathya Krishna was sweet, the others didn’t have much to offer.

The film would have been a lot better and successful if the director had focused on only specific subject. Instead, he drifted into various things starting from friendship to drugs to revenge and middle class problems. The film would have been a good psychological thriller if he focused on the characters of the lead artistes and gave scope for touching romance and clarity of thought. It was clear that he lacked the grip over the conceiving of the idea on the celluloid while on paper it may have looked good. At the box office, the film will hardly find takers so it could end up as a below average grosser.