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Vishnu Video Songs
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Vishnu (Manchu Vishnu Vardhan Babu) and Vaishnavi (Vedika) are childhood pals and they like each other very much. They are separated at the age of 6. Both of them are living separately without contacting each other. After a gap of 15 years, Vishnu finds Vaishnavi. He wanted to win her love with his own merits instead of letting her know that he is her childhood love. In the process the misunderstandings crop up from Vaishnavi side.

Vaishnavi is the daughter of Erra Naidu, a dreaded factionist from Rayalaseema area. Erra Naidu fixes up the marriage of Vaishnavi with some other guy. Vaishnavi then comes to know that Vishnu is none but her childhood sweetheart. The rest of the film is all about how the lovers unite with the help of dear ones and against many hurdles.

Artists Performance
Vishnu - the debut hero - surprised everyone with his ease in histrionics. Nobody believes that 'Vishnu' is his first film. He has got good height and heavy body. But at the same time he sports lots of tenderness in his face and sweetness in his smile. He is extremely spontaneous. His dialogue delivery is neat. He is highly confident on the screen. This film produced a mass star to watch out in the days to come. On the flip side, he should reduce some weight and develop a six-pack body to compliment his amazing height and excellent body language. He played it to the galleries, especially the front benchers with his typical mannerisms. Vishnu seems to have taken special interest in the fights department. The masses would obsolutely love him for the stunt sequences. If he gets a perfect script and a good director, Vishnu would be the most powerful star to reckon with in Telugu film industry.

Vedika (Shilpa Shivanand) looks like a poor copy of Sakshi Sivanand. She is a negative point in this film. She is not looking glamorous and her histrionic capabilities are so so. Murali Mohan and Jaya Sudha sported the roles of Vishnu's parents. Rajeev Kanakala did well though he disappears in the first half itself. The villain did well. Neetu Chandra is cute as the friend of Vishnu.

Technical Departments
The taking of director Shaji Kailas is good in parts. The way he introduced Vishnu and established his nature is good. However, he could not make a tight script to knit all the characters closer. The characters of other artists in the film are under developed. The scene in the climax where the marriage happening in a moving train is shown in a real classic way by unfolding it from a micro level to macro view. Vandanam song of the film is extraordinary. This song is shot in Tirupati with thousands of spectators. Ravoyi Chandamana song is also good. Other songs have a tinge of Hindi feel to it.

Paruchuri brothers did a decent job in dialogues department. 'Naaku rende telusu. chirunavvuto cheppatam. Teda vaste chirutapulilaa tiragabadatam' worked out well. The dialogue 'action ni faction ni kalipi vadabosina family lo puttaanu' is meant for the fans of Mohan Babu. However, they should have avoided references to mahabharata and Ramayana in dialogues. Camera work by Saravanan DF Tech is worth an applause. Kanal Kannan did a great job in fights. Producer Mohan Babu made every effort possible to give his son Vishnu a kick start. This film launched Vishnu as a hero to reckon with in the future.

The first half of the film is interesting. But there are too many mass elements in the second half. The comedy quotient in the film is less. The objective of this film is to launch Vishnu as the mass star. And they succeeded in it. Now its up to Manchu Vishnu Vardhan Babu to carefully select good scripts and pave his way to the superstardom. You may watch this film for Vishnu's performance.