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Vinayakudu Trailers
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A soft-spoken, fat but not ugly, happy go lucky and never mind the odds Karthik (Krishnudu) and smart and Intelligent Kalpana (Sonia) are colleagues in an advertising agency. There are the usual office related squabbles but an underlying bonding takes place between them slowly. Karthik has a crush on Kalpana but does not have the wherewithal to fructify it. Altaf (Suryatej) and Sandhya (Poonam Kaur), working in the same Ad agency, are having a romantic affair. These two are friends of Karthik and Kalpana. Meanwhile, Kalpana’s parents plan to marry her to Rajeev (Samrat) and Kalpana slowly comes to the conclusion that they have nothing in common. She shows signs of buddy-ing with Karthik. Unexpectedly, a misunderstanding creates an ugly altercation between Altaf and Sandhya, which in a cascading effect ruptures the fragile relationship between Karthik and Kalpana. The rest of the film deals with highs and lows of fractured relationships and the process of reconciliation.

The Performance
Krishnudu, with his odd physique, is the most unlikely of protagonists in contemporary films. But, his well etched character fits in neatly with the episodic narration and he is simply extraordinary in portraying his role. Suryatej essayed his role with ease and confidence. Sonia takes to her finely delineated character as a fish takes to water. She succeeds in getting under the skin of the character she is playing. Poonam Kaur had been given ample scope to emote and she carries her role with conviction. All other characters have also been fine tuned to merge with the narration and so all other actors look more than adequate in their roles. Cinema is the medium of the director and Sai Kiran Adivi, on his debut, proves the point in an eloquent manner. He has conceived properly, characterised precisely, visualized appropriately and communicated promptly. Though there is nothing new in the plot or players, the presentation has such freshness that endears to the audience. The director has his own style and makes a hero of an ordinary man. Though a bit slow paced, the screenplay keeps the narration interesting with subtle episodes. Good care has been taken in writing the lyrics and dialogues, which add to the narration. The music is novel and lively. Cinematography, editing and audiography enhance the narration style.

The Verdict
Vinayakudu is a slick and stylish film presented with a hitherto unseen finesse with the unlikeliest of casting and innovative narration. This is truly a feel good freely film that deserves a look-in.