Village Lo Vinayakudu Video Songs

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Village Lo Vinayakudu Video Songs
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Karthik (Krishnudu) runs a play school in Hyderabad and his girl friend Kavya is a doctor. Kavya goes to her village Rajolu to stay with her combined family to attend the engagement of her cousin. Kavya's father is a retired army major and he is very strict. Kavya tells to everybody in the family except her father that her boyfriend is visiting. And she also doesn't about him being fat. The rest of the story is about how the family members react when they finds out that Kavya's boyfriend is on the heavier side and how Karthik wins over the entire family including Kavya's father with his pure hearted charm.

Artists Performance
Krishnudu who fitted in the role of Vinayakudu very well did a character that is just an extension. His innocent looks and slow dialogue delivery suited the role. He did well. But he should work more on his expressions in the close-up shots. Saranya Mohan is cute, but didn't suit the role well as there is no chemistry between them. Rao Ramesh is adequate though he looked little younger to play the role of heroine's father. He tried to act like Prakash Raj in few scenes. Popular novel writer Yandamuri Veerendranath did the role of heroine's father friend who is obsessed with puzzles. Dr. Bharat Reddy donned the role of a prospective groom and he is alright.

Technical departments

The story of the movie has slight inspiration from 'Meet The Parents'. Meet the parents is about a girl introducing her guy to her father who is a former CIA agent. The entire movie runs around father trying to prove that the guy is wrong and the guy outsmarting heroine's father. Hero being a male nurse is the conflict point between heroine's father and hero in the English movie. Guy being fat is the conflict point between hero and heroine's father in VLV. This story has potential in it if handled well though we had seen similar treated stories of hero staying in heroine's house and convincing him since DDLJ. Direction by Sai Kiran Adivi is adequate in parts. Some of the comedy scenes are well written (Golimar episode, health check-up results, bongulo chicken etc). He handled some of the scenes in first half well, but didn't show the required finesse in the second half. Sai Kiran should have taken more care in screenplay department in the second half. The pace of the movie is slow and climax appear hurried. He couldn't bring out the romance between the lead pair and should be commended for coming out with a clean and healthy film without any vulgarity.

Music by Manikant Kadri is good. There are good melodies in the movie. Cinematography by Ramana Salva is neat and locations chosen are fresh. Some of the dialogues are funny. Editing should have been better. Producer Mahi has capitalized on the success of Vinayakudu by doing a sequel on a shoe-string budget and making it break-even before the release itself. However, he should have put more emphasis on quality of filmmaking and quality of post-production. The entire movie appears like its been shot in hurry with inadequate budget. And the post-production lacks the quality of multiplex films. The forced advertising of Reliance Mobile and Kalamandir mars the viewing pleasure (people spend money to watch movie, not to watch forced advertisements). It is a good effort by the first time producer in terms of marketing and business strategy. But he should remember that content is the king and these kind of marketing strategies will work wonders if the content is good.

First half of the movie is adequate with nice humor. The movie runs out of steam in the second half. The plus points of the movie are Vinayakudu's image and good marketing strategies. The negative points are lack of holistic perspective in direction and slow-paced narration. One should appreciate the filmmakers for making a film that does have neither vulgarity nor violence. We have to wait and see how the family viewers of A centers receive this movie.