Vikrama Simha Review

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Vikrama Simha Review
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The movie starts off showcasing the Kota Pattanam and Kalingapuram dynasties. While Kota Pattanam is headed by Ugra Simha(Nasser), the Kalingapuram dynasty is ruled by Raja Mahendrudu(Jackie Shroff).

Kalinagapuram has a powerful army chief in Rana(Rajnikanth). The dynasty wins all the wars in his leadership, and one fine day time comes when both Kalingapuram and Kota Pattinam face head to head. When the actual time of war reckons, Rana secretly joins hands with Kota Pattanam dynasty and sends backs the Kalingapurm army.​

Hugely Upset with this, Rana is sacked from his post in Kalingapuram. When all this going on, Rana also decides to kill the king of Kota Pattanam whom he had just made friends.

Why does Rana trying to kill Ugra Simha ? Why did he cheat his own Kalingapuram dynasty ? Where does Vikramasimha feature in all this set up? For all the answers, you need to watch the film on big screen.

Plus Points:-

Firstly, it would be appropriate to congratulate director Soundarya Rajnikanth for bringing such a unique technology to Indian screen. The way Rajnikanth’s introduction, his first song and fight sequences have been designed are marvelous.

Vikrama Simha’s flash back, and the entire war sequences in the climax have been designed and executed supremely. Dialogues mouthed by Rajnikanth in the pre-climax episodes, are awesome and make Rajnni fans go crazy.

A R Rahman’s music is yet another plus for this movie. The way he elevates the story with his songs, only adds to the flow of the film. The way veteran actor Nagesh has been recreated is quite good.

Minus Points:-

One can say that the motion capture technology has been like a curse for this film, even though it is is a new innovation in Indian films. Those who do not know about this technology are staying away from Vikrama Simha, thinking that it is an animation or cartoon film.

Lack of proper promotions in Telugu might also go against the flick. Except for the first 20 minutes, the rest of the film till the pre climax is slow and boring. Even though the songs are good, some of them could have been eliminated, especially the song which is featured on Deepika Padukone.

Even though the technology captures the faces of the stars well, their emotions in major scenes lack depth and have not been executed properly.

Technical Aspects:-

​​The way the film has been conceptualized technically is quite good. The production values and the various features used for making this film needs special mention. As said earlier, even though the technology looks good, human expressions could not be captured as desired.

K S Ravikumar’s story is pretty good, but it is the screenplay which lets you down some times. A R Rahman’s music is also a huge plus for this film. Dialogues written for Rajni are in his typical style, but the editing in the second half lacks focus.


On the whole, Vikramamsinha has Rajnikanth in an all new avatar. This historical film, which has good technical values might be limited to a certain extent, as Rajni’s fans miss the real Rajni. Those who are interested in these historical flicks, will like Vikramasimha, but for others it is strictly a one time watch