Vikram Video Songs

Annapurna Studios
Akkineni Venkat
Movie Genre
Action, Crime, Drama

Vikram Video Songs
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The film starts off with Pasha being taken to prison. To get out of the situation, he writes to his best man, Vikram. Vikram goes to Shrikanth Mathur and warns him. He then kidnaps Shrikanth's daughter Radha. He tells her that he is a police officer and they fall in love; however, she finds out that he is a goon. Nevertheless, she does not leave him but urges him to surrender. Transformed by true love, Vikram surrenders himself to the police and is imprisoned for two years. Back home, Radha tells her brother Daamodar the whole truth. To keep Radha from getting married to somebody else, he calls his friend Jimmy to put on a show that Radha and Jimmy love each other. Jimmy misunderstands the situations and actually falls in love with Radha. When Vikram comes back, he starts working in a garage and tries to reform himself. Despite everything, Shrikanth kicks him out of his life. After many days and events that follow, Daamodar finds out that Jimmy is a drug smuggler. After getting released from prison, Pasha desires revenge against both Shrikanth and Vikram, so he kidnaps Radha, Shrikanth and Daamodar. Jackie comes at the last moment and frees all of them. As a happy ending, Shrikanth lets Radha marry Vikram.