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Varsham Video Songs
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Venkat (Prabhas) and Sailaja (Trisha) are youngsters at Warangal who fall in love. Bhadranna (Gopichand) is the most dreaded and ruthless landlord in Nizam area. Bhadranna also likes Sailaja and wants to marry her. Ranga Rao (Prakash Raj), Sailaja's dad, is a typical black sheep having all kinds of bad habits. In the process, he is ready to marry off his daughter to Bhadranna for money.

Ranga Rao plants certain ego problems in the minds of Venkat and Sailaja and then paves a way for their love to break up. Later on Bhadranna kidnaps Sailaja. The rest of the story is all about how Venkat brings back Sailaja from the bastion of Bhadranna and how he clears off the misunderstanding with Sailaja in the process.

Artists Performance
You can see the tender side of Prabhas in the first half of this film. He perfectly balanced the romantic aspect and the action facet. He also developed some kind of spontaneity while doing casual scenes. However, you can find the shades of Krishnam Raju in his emotional/action dialogues.

Trisha is a big plus to the film. She is beautiful and her performance is natural. She danced very gracefully to the music of Devi Sri Prasad with tremendous ease. Savita Reddy provided dubbing. Though Savita is good in her own way, a dubbing artist with native voice would have been better. Trisha's costumes and hairdo resembles that of Arti Agarwal in Nee Sneham film.

Gopichand is terrific as Bhadranna with his cruel acts. Prakash Raj is apt as a father who look for his own benefits at the cost his daughter's future. Shafi excels in the role of loyal step-brother of Gopichand. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao is adequate. The friends gang of hero (Sunil, Rajesh etc) are ok. The old lady who did grand mother role is impressive with his Telangana dialect. Producer MS Raju appeared in a few seconds role.

Technical Departments
Story by Veeru Potla is a regular triangular love story between hero, heroine and villain. But the backdrop of Warangal and relating the love between lead pair to the drizzles of rain offer variety. However, the skeleton of basic quadrangle of the story has striking resemblance to N Chandra's 'Tezaab' film. The characters of Prabhas, Trisha, Gopichand and Prakash Raj have affinity towards the characters of Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Kiran Kumar and Anupam Kher respectively.

Screenplay of the first half is neat. But it is little weak in the second half. Direction of the film is delicate in the first half. Most of the story is narrated in flashback format. Narration is slow. Conceiving of few shots is very poetic. Heroine's introduction in this film is very aesthetic. Hero's introduction in this film is manly. The director knows his job well, but he could not inject the necessary feel and emotions between the lovers when are get separated. There is no proper justification given from Prabhas side to be angry with heroine when they get separated by Prakash Raj.

Music of the film is extraordinary. The background music gels well with the scenes. Devi Sri Prasad gave a perfect sound to the film and made a deep impact on the audiences with his soulful, melodious and romantic music. Visuals for all the songs in the film is impressive Songs that were shot in nature (outdoor) fit into the story perfectly. But the songs shots in sets are of little help to the narration of story.

The second highlight of the film is excellent photography by S Gopal Reddy. He made the visuals of the film a treat to watch. As the movie has the theme of rain interpolated with the love between the lead pair, its very difficult to shoot the film in way that it appears very natural on screen. His experience came very handy in canning these scenes.

Dialogues by Paruchuri brothers are neat. Dialogues written to Prabhas are simple most of the times. There are certain ferocious dialogues as well. Since, this film is made in Warangal. The accent of Telangana should have been used more authentically. The dialogues of Gopichand has good Telangana flavor in the start of the film. However, the dialogues went into regular format as the second half approached.

First half of the film is neat. Second half is little slow. The climax is routine. This film has freshness in terms of locations because its canned in Warangal by showcasing the landmarks of the town. All the four major characters are established very strongly. Strengths of the film are Trisha, Music and Cinematography. Weakness of the film is the second half where the grip of the film has loosen a bit. It's a love story with good technical values. You may definitely watch this film.