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Vaana Video Songs
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Vaana (Telugu: వాన, translation: Rain) is a 2008 Telugu film starring Vinay Rai and Meera Chopra in the lead roles, while Suman plays a supporting role. M.S. Raju produces and directs this film while debutant, Kamalakar composed music for the project. It is a remake of Kannada language film, Mungaru Male.

Abhiram (Vinay Rai) is a naughty and active guy. His parents (Jayasudha and Naresh) enjoy his mischievous deeds. Once, Abhi’s mother takes him to her friend Bharathi’s (Seetha) house. Nandini (Meera Chopra) is the daughter of Bharathi and Col. Choudary (Suman) who falls in the eyes of Abhi. First, the love starts from Abhi’s side. Then the door of love opens Nandini’s side as well. But Nandini’s parents fix her marriage with another guy called Goutham (Diganth). Though the picture was a remake of Kannada Superhit, did not run well in Andhra Pradesh. M.S. Raju, who gave biggest hits like Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana and Varsham, failed to recreate the same magic in this movie. Acting wise hero and heroine got good marks but story and screenplay didn't fit into the Telugu nativity.