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Tiger Review
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Tiger jeevi reviewTiger (Sundeep Kishan) and Vishnu (Rahul Ravindran) are childhood friends from an orphanage. Vishnu is adopted when he was a kid. Being an orphan, Tiger is very emotional about friends and relationships. Vishnu falls in love with Ganga (Seerat Kapoor) - a girl from Varanasi. Vishnu is on the verge of death when he is attacked in Varanasi. Rest of the story is all about what pushed Vishnu into trouble and how Tiger resolves it all!

Artists Performance

Tiger jeevi reviewActors: Sundeep Kishan comes up with an endearing performance. His comedy timing has improved and histrionics are good. He suited the role of a town boy with impeccable commitment towards friends. Rahul Ravindran is very natural. Seerat Kapoor is glamorous in modern outfits, but isn’t appealing in traditional dress. Satya is very good in a brief role with a punch dialogue ‘software lo anthe’. Thagubothu Ramesh provides relief amidst a serious second half. Tanikella Bharani is convincing as an orphanage head. Kids who did the childhood heroes have done their part well. Singer Saandip has portrayed a good Samaritan role.

Technical departments

Tiger jeevi reviewStory - screenplay - direction: The basic plot is revolves around a culture that is prevalent in North India. Director VI Anand who has failed with his first film has made sure that he doesn’t falter again. It’s a tight script with a well written screenplay. Except for a few forced comedy scenes, the entire film runs organically. VI Anand has brought in the rustic charm to the character of Tiger and it worked well in the first half. Second half runs pretty fast with no songs at all. The climax should have been less melodramatic. The interval block is totally unexpected. The way story is narrated in first half from Vishnu’s point of view is good. It makes more interesting because of the immovable position Vishnu is in. The friendship emotion is captured well in the movie.

Tiger jeevi reviewOther departments: This is one of the best works done by Chota K Naidu in his career. He has captured and communicated the mood of scenes with his visuals. I loved his aerial shots for Rajahmundry Bridge and Varanasi. There is uniqueness the way he has introduced villains (the low angle shots leading to telephone and low angle shots showing the hiding place of heroine). Music by SS Thaman is pretty good. Halla Bol song is catchy. The background score is impressive and the signature background tune (Tiger title tune) is impressive. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are excellent. Editing is crisp (runtime is just 2 hours). Action sequences are executed properly. Production values are very good.

Tiger jeevi review Analysis: First half is entertaining and engaging. Second half is racy. Climax is a bit melodramatic. Plus points are Sundeep Kishan, novel theme, sensible handling by director, screenplay, cinematography and music. Tiger is one of the very few films that are releasing in Telugu where sensibilities match commercial elements. It’s a good choice of script selection by Sundeep Kishan. You may watch Tiger!!

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Tiger Success Meet
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