Thotti Gang Review

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Thotti Gang Review
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Achi Babu (Allari Naresh), Sathi Babu (Sunil) and Suri Babu (Prabhudeva) are the best buddies since childhood. They form a band that does multi purpose jobs like acting as band of boys for marriages, professional catchers of dogs, and cremation service guys. Karate Malliswari (Gajala), another childhood nightmarish karate-skill-flaunting damsel, lures Achi Babu into love. Then she snatches Achi Babu away from Suri Babu and Sathi Babu to make him her live-in boy friend. They also get engaged to each other. Irritated by their act, Suri Babu and Sathi Babu kidnap Malliswari. They tie her to a chair and then hatch another plan to make Achi Babu believe that Malliswari is dead. In that process, they dig a 'fresh' dead body from a crematorium, pack her in the car of Malliswari and throw that car into a valley. Police confirms that Malliswari is dead and Achi Babu's heart breaks again. Then appears Venkata Lakshmi (Anitha), the childhood sweetheart of Achi Babu. Venkata Lakshmi has another flashback and she was sexually abused by the husband of her elder sister. She was in a hurry to join an Ashram run by Matasri (Shakeela). Sathi Babu and Suri Babu hatch another plan to unite this couple. At this moment, Malliswari escapes from the den. The rest of the story is all about how these confused souls are paired to give a happy ending.


Allari Naresh: Naresh looks good in scenes where he generates comedy by his idiotic acts and stupid dialogues. But his face does not suit well for serious scenes. Being the son of the director EVV, he managed to get major share in terms of scenes and songs (4 duets for him - 2 each with Gajala and Anitha).

Sunil: Sunil delivered his best as usual. He should have got more footage in this film.

Prabhudeva: Prabhudeva suited the role pretty well and did his best with in his limitations. He got a steamy song with Gajala.

Gajala: Gajala got a pretty interesting role in this film. She is extremely glamorous in looks department and pretty spontaneous in comedy scenes. She did well in those couple of scenes in which she seduces Prabhudeva and Sunil after they kidnap her.

Other cast: Anitha got a pretty small role in this film. Shakeela got a holy role of 'Matasri', who runs an ashram for women. She is surrounded with men-starving nuns who are called as Kameswari, Ranganayaki, Chintamani etc. Her role is a hit though it has dialogue-vulgarity attached to it. Brahmanandam did dual role as bamma and manavadu in this film. The bamma role too has little bit of vulgarity. MS Narayana and Chalapati Rao acted as 'Bongu brothers', who own a corporate office for doing crimes like murder, kidnap etc. Other comedy artists like LB Sriram, AVS, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Lakshmipati also fit in cameo roles.

Technical Departments

Story: Basic line of this story is heavily inspired by 2001 Hollywood flick 'Saving Silverman'. Following are the similarities

1. Three heroes, who are childhood buddies, run a band.
2. A girl snatches the main guy away from this gang.
3. Remaining two guys kidnap that girl.
4. Then these guys show an alibi to the main guy that his lover is dead
5. Then another girl, a childhood friend of the hero, appears and plans to get trained to become a nun.
6. Then the main heroine escapes

However EVV added a lot of cushioning with comedy actors and inserted five separate comedy tracks.

Screenplay - direction: EVV's timing in comedy scenes is good. However, he tried to focus more on Naresh's character and ignored giving equal importance to other two characters. The climax of the film is really good and it reminds us of the climax of 'Appula Apparao' where the venue is a marriage hall and the theme is dancing to spoof songs. But EVV failed on the nativity front for the film. There are lots of illogical backgrounds in this film. We don't get to see professional crematory service organizations in AP (though there exists a few crematory service organizations in Christian dominated areas in metropolis like Mumbai). The heroes, who are middle-class guys, are frequent visitors to a posh pub. There is no live-in (boy friend or girl friend) culture in Hyderabad yet. This film is branded as an out and out comedy flick. Hence we should not expect any logic in the narration of the film.

Music: Music by Devi Sri Prasad is an asset to the film. His background music also goes well with the comedy vein.

Songs: All the four duet songs in this film are shot in luster locales of abroad. Choreography, music and photography is pretty good for these songs. But only negative point about these songs is that they don't fit well into a comedy film like this.

Dialogues: Comedy dialogues by Satish are pretty good though they crossed the line of sensibility in a few scenes towards climax.

Photography: Loknath, of Allari fame, has done excellent job in this film. He gave a rich look to each and every frame of the film.

Production: EVV Satyanarayana should be commended for his risky effort to put in so much of money for a comedy film. The production values of EVV cinema banner are very good.

Analysis: First half of the film gives entertainment. Then there is slack in the second half and it picks up towards the end and the film concludes in a happy climax. EVV tried to insert the serious-angle towards the love relationship of Naresh-Gajala-Anitha. In a comedy film, nobody really appreciates the hero turning sincere all of a sudden in a frame and starts uttering sincere love eulogies. In the next frame, you could see the same hero acting funny. There is lot of confusion in the characterization of 'Achi Babu'. If you leave the logic to winds and enjoy the comedy served on a platter by comedy artists and comedy heroes, you (comedy lovers) can definitely watch this film once - though you are confronted with dull scenes, boring moments and clichéd-dialogues in between. Over all it's an average film aimed at comedy-movie-lovers.