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Tholivalapu Video Songs
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L.B.Sriram, father of Gopichand is an agriculturist, lives in his native village. He is not only forward minded and practices too in day-to-day life. Gopichand pursues for a PhD, after his Post Graduation in City. He is staright forward and forward thinking unlike many contemporary youths. Being an youngster Gopichand is fond of Motor Cycles like any other youth of the day.

He buys a new Motor Bike and wants to go for a ride in the city. Unfortunately the Bike breaks down, enroute. Enthusiastic Gopichand gets upset and goes to a nearby house and request to keep his Bike.The house belongs to Chandra Mohan, a honest Retired Revnue Inspector. Sneha is his daughter.Gopichand gets fascinated in the very first sight at Sneha.Gopichand leaves Bike along with his heart in Sneha's house for the day.

Next day, when Gopichand approaches Chandra Mohan and Sneha for his Bike, they pretend innocence and say they do not know anything about Motor Cycle.Gopichand gets shocked and could not say anything as he fell in Sneha's Love.However he chases Sneha and demands for return of his Bike.Chandra Mohan and Sneha sell off their house and pay the value of Bike to Gopichand.

Meantime Gopichand gets a call from Police Station to take the Bike they recovered from culprits.Gopichand surprises at the developments and approches Chandramohan for a clarification.He comes to know that the day he left the Bike in their house, some culprits looted the Bike and other items, during the mischief they rape Sneha, too.

Gopichand gets moved after knowing the bitter facts and sympathises, Sneha. His Love for her, enhances.Ravishankar is Sneha's Baava and a sadist.He tries to squeeze money as much as possible from Chandra Mohan, his father-in-law.He creates many problems after Sneha's episode with his nasty behavior and troubles the family further.

Gopichand also faces many embarrassing circumstances because of Ravishankar.Gopichand and his effort to make Sneha's life, perfect, is the remaining story of Tholi Valapu.Gopichand, Sneha, Ravishankar acted well.L.B.Sriram and Chandramohan lived in their roles.Sudhakar, MSN, Kalla Chidambaram, Ali and Goutam Raju contributed comedy.Muthyala Subbaiah's Direction is good but not as expected to the standard of his earlier masterpieces of family drama. Screenplay and Editing is sub-standard.Vandemataram Srinivas's tunes appear to be best in his career.