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R B Chowdary
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Suryavamsam Video Songs
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Take an age-old theme, manipulate a few angles here and there, find a talented star cast, and hand over the reins to an experienced, creative director, and viola! You have a movie that attracts masses despite the usual fare. This is exactly what Suryavamsam did when it released in 1998. It ran for more than 100 days. With the distributors seemingly caught by some strange bug that is making them screen re-runs almost everywhere in the city, this is thankfully, one of the few that is worth a watch.

Harishchandra Prasad (Venkatesh) is the righteous and powerful village leader of Suryapet, and has everything and everyone under his control except his youngest son Bhanuprasad (also played by Venkatesh). Bhanu is a carefree youth whose natural aversion to education leaves him uneducated, and a big disappointment to his father.

When his childhood sweetheart dumps him because of his illiteracy, and due to a misunderstanding that arises with his father, Bhanu is treated with total indifference by his family, which leaves him all by his lonely self. His salvation comes in the form of Sita (Meena), a city bred girl who falls in love with him for his simplicity and large-heartedness. The rest of the story deals with how the love and faith of this couple conquers all. The tender situations and loving moments have been all been captured beautifully. Venkatesh's performance as an older man is commendable.

Venkatesh and Meena have excelled by giving, controlled and convincing performances. The narration is slick and the camerawork is fine. The music is melodious and soothing. This is a movie that gives you your money's worth for pure entertainment.