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Subhapradam Video Songs
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Indu(Manjari Phadnis) is a lovable girl, who is fond of Indian traditions and music. She hails from Kerala. Her parents and her paternal uncles got married to the girls from different states, and hence she becomes a multi linguist. She accidentally meets Chakri(Allari Naresh) and she comes to know that he is a good singer of folk songs, but not a professional. Meanwhile, Chakri falls in love with her, and to marry her he approaches her parents and uncles. Since he has no proper financial background they reject him as their son-in-law. However, it is because of Indu's encouragement he deceives their parents as he earns something and marries her. Afterwards, Indu gets an acquaintance with a stranger (Sharath Babu), who was once saved by Indu from a fainted condition. He is taken to Chakri's house and is nursed by Indu and Chakri. After a couple of scenes it is known that the old man is none other than Sivananda Murthy, an industrialist. What is the story of this Sivananada Murthy? Does he do anything for this couple? Watch the movie on silver screen.

Artists Performance
Allari Naresh: Surprisingly, Allari Naresh's role was portrayed as a characterless fellow, who did not have any moralities and exhibited no heroism. Even then, he did extremely well with his own school of acting, and his dialogue delivery timing is excellent. He is better not to take up this kind of experimental roles here after. Manjari In fact, she is not the heroine of this film, but the hero. Central theme of the story surrounds her. Her beauty is good. In some angles she resembles Jayaprada. She deserves awards for her nice performance. Sharat Babu was given an important role after a long gap. Being a senior most actor, this kind of role is very easy for him. Dharmavarapu, Giribabu, Raghubabu, Vizag Prasad etc. did their jobs well.

Technical Department
Music: The soul of this movie is undoubtedly Mani Sharma's wonderful music. Especially, "Mouname Chebuthondi" song's tune as well as picturization is highlight of the movie. Other songs like "Thappatloy thalaaloy", "Elelo elelo" etc. songs were also well shot and well made. Cinematography & Editing Cinematography is good. Scenes from Kerala and Annavaram locations were captured well. Editing is confusing. Story, Screenplay and Direction: K. Viswanath is such an honorable director, who took Telugu people's reputation to overseas. He is the man who respects our traditions and culture all the time and followed the same in this movie. However, it may be because of his old age, his takings looked out dated. He could not meet the demands of present day generation. Especially, screenplay is quite confusing. However, he made use of Annavaram Devasthanam very nicely by converting it into Sri Rajeswari Devasthanam according to the story.