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Subbu Video Songs
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Bala Subramanyam alias Subbu (NTR) is a college student who is loved by each and everyone for his cool nature and lovable philosophy of keeping his head cool all the time. Neeraja (Sonali Joshi) is a Good Samaritan who keeps on donating money anonymously to fund 25 seats in the college in which Subbu is studying. Subbu is curious to know about the person who is donating that money.

Subbu falls in love with Neeraja, mainly for her positive attitude. There is a strong reason for Neeraja to donate money to the college. There is a stronger reason for Subbu to become a cool-headed guy.

In the flashback, Subbu rescues a girl who met with an accident and admits her in a hospital. She is a daughter of a rich industrialist GK Chowdary. GK Chowdary misunderstands Subbu as the other Bala Subramanyam who is responsible for his daughter to become pregnant. Without knowing truth, GK becomes a reason for the suicides of Subbu's entire family. GK realizes the truth later. And incidentally Neeraja is the younger sister of the girl whom Subbu rescues.

By the time of interval the audience realize that Subbu are Neeraja are in search of each other. Rest of the film twirls around how this couple realizes that they are made for each other, in deed.

NTR is improving from film to film. To put in a more frank way, people started accepting NTR as his number of films is increasing (remember the old adage - tinaga tinaga vemu teeyanundu). He is good in dances and fights in this film. He should concentrate on reducing his weight. His physical appearance has not changed for the last one year. His dialogue delivery has improved considerably. He is very natural in terms of acting and dialogues. There is a mud fight scene in this film that made the entire theater go roaring with the laughs, where he literally rags the goon's batch with his instant dialogue delivery.

Sonali Joshi: She is not attractive enough to be a heroine. She is very artificial in her acting. NTR should concentrate in getting a attractive heroines for his films. All his heroines so far did not contribute to any of his films.

Technical Departments:
Dialogues - Story - Screenplay - Direction: The story concept of the film is novel. The execution of scenes in the first half is swift. Suresh Varma is from Ram Gopal Varma's school. He is brilliant in few shots of the film. But in the second half of the film, Suresh Varma failed to sustain the interest of the viewers. Dialogues in this film are apt. The way hero and heroine characterization done is very poetic and positive minded.

Music: Music of the film is very good. All the songs are good and well shot. 'Haree Hara' and 'Mast Mast' songs standout. Background music for fights is also good. Mani Sharma gave racy tunes for this film.

Photography: Photography is the main asset of the film. 435 camera is used for the entire film. 435 is generally used to shoot only songs and chase scenes, as hiring this camera is very expensive. There are lots of matrix kinds of shots in this film in action sequences. The camera work for New Zealand songs is also exceptional. The debutant, and the first women cinematographer of Telugu cinema, Ms. Vijaya Sri has done a commendable job.

Fights: The highlight of this film is execution of fights. Though there are only 3 major fights in the film they standout for the excellent work done by Horseman Babu.

Production: The producers are basically fans of Original NTR and Bala Krishna. They are major distributors (Devi Films and RS films) from Ceded. They seem to have given free hand to Suresh. The entire film has rich production values.

Analysis: First half of the film is very good as it has the entire story in the flashback. The second half is average, and at times boring. This film is good in patches. The separate comedy track between Brahmanandam and AVS is good. You can watch the film at your leisure. You can enjoy the first half.