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Sontham Video Songs
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Vamsy (Aryan Rajesh), Nandu (Namitha) and Bose (Rohit) are buddies since childhood. Vamsy and Nandu are very close to each other. Bose falls in love with a beautiful girl (Neha). When Bose tells about his ladylove to Vamsy, Vamsy brushes it as one more love affair that is bound to fail. Vamsy feels that friendship is more valuable than love and love spoils the friendship. Nandu, who wanted to express her love, goes back into shelve as she feels Vamsy might get offended.

Vamsy leaves to New Zealand to supervise the overseas operations of his father's company. In New Zealand, he realizes that he is in love with Nandu. When Vamsy return back to India, he finds out that Nandu is already engaged to somebody else. Will Vamsy express his love to Nandu? - Will Nandu leaves everybody else and come to Vamsy? - These are the points that are dealt in climax.

Artists Perfomance
Aryan Rajesh improved a bit compared to his debut. But he still needs to fix up on the aspect of positive body language. His dialogue delivery is also improved. Namitha is good looking and spontaneous. The characterization of the heroine should have been bubblier. But the director had chosen her character to be a traditional girl with subdued emotions. For a new comer, she did a decent job.

Though sounded redundant in few scenes, Sunil supplied some oxygen to the film in terms of comedy entertainment in the first half. MS Narayana episode of posing for photographs and shouting jihad in Kulu Manali is superb. Rohit got a small role and did justice. The new girl Neha is promising. Jhansi did a comedy-oriented role as the lecturer. Sakuntala gave a flash appearance as the mother of Sunil and beaten him up black and blue.

Technical Departments
Story of the film is very predictable. Treatment leaves a lot to be desired. Screenplay is shabby in the second half. Seenu Vytla has good flair for conceiving comedy scenes. He succeeded in comedy department in the first half and failed in elevating the emotions part in the second half. Devi Sri Prasad's music of the film is good. But the picturization and placement of songs is not appropriately done. The song that got tremendous response with morning show crowds was the folk song 'Naido Naido'. The producers should be commended for giving very good publicity and trying out new promotional activities for this film. However, they should have taken care of selecting a tight script. Camera work for this film is pretty decent. Editing is not crisp.

First half of the film is average. Second half is little boring. But the things got straightened as the movie approached climax. Strength of the film is comedy sequences in the first half and music. Weakness is the loose script. You may watch it once for the comedy by Sunil and MS Narayana in the first half. We have to wait and see if this film that is captioned as 'a joy forever' would be a joy for audience or not!