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Sneha Geetham Trailers
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Sneha Geetham’ is about three friends Ravi (Venky), who wants to be an entrepreneur, Krishna (Chaitanya) an IT guy and Arjun (Sandeep) a filmmaker. Shreya, Ria and Suhani play their love interests. They see all colors during college life, but witness the other side after completing their college. The plot unveils when these guys sort out things in real life after their college.

Sandeep, who shot to fame through ‘Prasthanam’ does have good vocals. He looks aright for the role.Venky is undoubtedly unique and has the ability to attract teens. And Chaitanya has danced well to the numbers. Krishnudu is alright for his roles. Suhani’s role carries no significance, but Shreya Dhanwanthary looked peculiar and Riya was adequate. To end with, Sneha Geetham has a youthful subject that can connect easily to the college pals. In fact, Sneha Geetham can be considered as a sequel to Happy Days. Director Sreedhar could have better handled the student confusing stage and fear of responsibility.

Sneha Geetham has glimpses of ‘Happy Days’, perhaps debutant director ‘Madhura’ Sreedhar has taken an inspiration from that movie to narrate in a better way. But I think he was not successful as he could not hold things together. The script looks a compact one, but the screenplay of ‘Sneha Geetham’ has gone off beam, and it lacks the trigger to create the required fillip. Director Sreedhar surely made the film with pretty good conviction, but in that process, he accentuated on cinematic comedy overlooking reality. Sneha Geetham is only good in bits and pieces and lacks the necessary knockout punch. The characters were to dramatized, making them a wee bit far from reality. It’s an honest attempt from ‘Madhura’ Sreedhar and few scenes are very pleasant, and emotional. The movie shows the period where every student would undergo (after studies), but once again that’s too dramatized.

The first half of the ‘Sneha Geetham’ is a routine dosage of a typical college-background movie – the same old recipe. One just gets the feeling that real characters of the film have gone into oblivion. The movie does not have the right touch points to be addressed and in the end becomes an everyday college movie. Handling college scenes are very difficult and sensitive, where the director failed to make impression at crucial scenes. On the second half, Venu Madhav takes the centre stage outsmarting the Ravi, Krishna and Arjun. And that’s where you need to strike the right balance and be very cautious that the film does not lose its grip in casting. The director’s thought process is good where he wants to come out with good message, and he almost delivered, but once again, have to say an opportunity has gone begging.