Sneha Geetham Review

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Lagadapati Sridhar
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Sneha Geetham Review
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This is the story of three young boys Ravi (Venky), Krishna (Chaitanya) and Arjun (Sandeep) who complete their graduation in engineering and want to be an entrepreneur, a SW employee and a film director respectively. Their love interests happen to be Shailu (Shreya Dhanwanthary), Pooja (Riya) and Maha (Suhani) respectively. How these guys achieve their dreams crossing the barriers, form the story. Just watch it on big screen and I’m sure it makes you elated.

Venky has got the class elegance. He delivered matured performance. He has bright future as multiplex hero in the lines of Siddhartha.

Sandeep is rugged and has mass appeal. He can do well if takes care in choosing right scripts those suit his serious body language. His voice has good base which is an advantage.

Chaitanya, the wonderful dancer among young folks has a happy going face and he can be a family entertainer down the line.

Shreya Dhanwanthary gave apt performance while Riya also did well without any complaint. Suhani should be appreciated for own dubbing. She is perfect and cute.

Lohit Kumar has got a catchy role. He portrayed the role of perverted Software Manager trying to woo a heroine. He has the material to become best villain in Tollywood.

Arun, ARC Babu and VB Rao made presence felt as fathers.

Krishnudu delivered humorous and touching performance as Pitamaha. Vennela Kishore delivered right comedy as Box Office Bhushanam (recalling Tanikella Bharani in ‘Money Money’). Shruthi scores well as mother while ARC Babu is matured and serious in performance with echoing voice. Venu Madhav’s AIDS Papa Rao track is rib-tickling. Others are ok.

Music by Sunil Kashyap scores highest mark while Sirasri and Chinni Charan have given appropriate lyrics. Cinematography by PG Vinda is honest.

The debutant director ‘Madhura’ Sreedhar has done a fabulous job as an experienced director with huge stuff. He proves to be a promising director for Tollywood.

Production values by Lagadapati Sridhar are awesome and his publicity really helped this good movie reach majorities. Kudos should laurel him for bestowing such a meaningful movie to society.