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Singam Review
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singam reviewHome Minister (Vijay Kumar) summons Narasimham (Suriya) to resign his job and go to Kakinada in the guise of NCC teacher in a college. His mission is to secretly observe the activities of two important people Guru (Mukesh Rushi) and Tyagaraj (Rehman). Narasimham is supposed to join duty of a cop when it’s the right time. Satya (Hansika) a student in Narasimham’s college falls in love with him. She is also a close relative to Tyagaraj. Kavya (Anushka) is waiting in the wings to get the approval of Narasimham’s father for their marriage. The rest of the story is all about how he manages these two girls and how he performs his duty as a cop in the most convincing way.

Artists Performance

singam reviewActors: Suriya has two contrasting abilities as a performer. He can look very sweet in romantic episodes and he looks highly intense in serious sequences. His performance in Singham film mostly caters to the intense action and he is excellent. Anushka’s role is limited. Hansika has more footage in this movie and she does justice. Santhanam provides entertainment. Vivek is pretty good. Mukesh Rushi and Rehman are good as the partners in crime. Danny Sapani looks menacing as the African drug cartel kingpin. K Viswanath has done the role of chief minister. Mansur Ali Khan gets a positive role.

Technical departments

singam reviewStory - screenplay - direction: It’s very difficult to write a better sequel story for a popular hit. The main purpose of doing sequel is to ride on the success and brand recall value of a film. If one makes a sequel, you don’t need to create a brand and promote it. That’s the reason why most of the sequels focus on the characterization and mannerisms of the original and apply it to a new story. Sequels work because of these extended characterization. Director Hari who created powerful police characters like Saamy (Lakshmi Narasimha in Telugu) and Singam (Yamudu in Telugu) in the past is an expert at rising emotions by penning interesting scenes. In this film too he has written a few scenes that work for masses. He has come up with a few intelligent episodes (like tracking goons in a locked room by using a mobile jammer). The screenplay of the film is good initially. But should have been more interesting towards the latter half of the film.

singam reviewOther departments: The songs and background music by Devi Sri Prasad are massy. Priyan’s cinematography is good. Dialogues by Shashank Vennelakanti are good. There are powerful mass dialogues as well as some humorous one-liners. Action sequences are composed really well. The ‘panja’ slapping shot that was popular in Yamudu is used more effectively in this movie. Editing is alright, but the total runtime (2 hours and 45 minutes) should have been more crispy. Production values of the film are very good.


singam reviewSingam which is a sequel to Yamudu film has a racy screenplay to start with. The links between the ending of Yamudu and beginning of Singam are well established. There is direct conflict point between two eaqually powerful performers in Yamudu (Suriya and Prakash Raj). Singam has three villains and one powerful hero. First half of the film is good and second half should have been crispy. On a whole, Singam is a film that is aimed at masses who lapped Yamudu. It has chances to click with the masses.

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