Simha Raasi Video Songs

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R B Cowdary
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Family Drama

Simha Raasi Video Songs
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Narasimha Raju (Raja Sekhar) is a simple living multimillionaire of a village near Rajahmundry. He has no weakness and treats all the women like his sisters and takes care of them by bearing all the expenses. He owns a set of establishments like colleges, hospitals, and industries on the name of Nagamma. He never sits in a chair and always sleeps on the floor, wears a normal khaddar dress and eats normal food. He commands the respect and reverence of the entire village.

The constituency in which Narasimha Raju lives is having the distinction of electing only independent candidates. The candidate supported by Raju will have to sign on a bond paper that they will resolve all the problems faced by the village after getting voted to the office. If they fail to do so, they would be subjected to physical disability. Vijayendra Prasad is an established minister from the neighboring town. He wants to contest for the elections from Raju's constituency and asks him for the support. Vijayendra Prasad gets offended when he was asked to sign on the bond papers. He challenges Raju that he will win in the elections without the support of Raju and eventually gets humiliated in the elections without getting deposit.

The rest of the story is about the Raju's flash back and reasons behind his simplicity and of course about a one-sided love from Rajeswari (Saakshi Sivanand). Then Vijayendra Prasad enters again in the climax to have a fight and get defeated by Raju. You got to watch this film on the silver screen to know why Raju has become such a sage with streaks of wilderness.

Raja Sekhar is known for his fiery action. The character of Raju has the streaks of wildness as well as serenity of a saint in it. Raja Sekhar has done the fine art of balancing his histrionics. He did carry the entire film on his shoulders.

The basic characterization of her role is no different to any heroine role in other films. It's about fallowing in love with hero and following him. But the director has projected her it in a sensible way and made Saakshi act in her role without giving too much importance towards her glamour.

Technical Departments
V Samudra has shown the brilliance in holding the weak story together and dishing out an interesting film. He has done a fairly good job in doing what he was entrusted upon: remaking a Tamil film with Telugu nativity without changing the original story line. V Samudra knows the pulses of the masses.

This is the first film for Paruchuri Brothers with Supergood films. And they grabbed the opportunity with both hands. They have done an excellent job. They have written the dialogues in 'Narasimha Nayudu' mode. Raja Sekhar's histrionics and Sai Kumar's voice did magnify the effect of the dialogues.

The music of the film is a great asset. The songs are placed at good intervals and would act as catalysts to the film. Backdrop music is also equally good. RB Chowdary, who is known for choosing the right subject and the right director, seems to have mastered the technique of delivering the box-office hits. This film too has all the gradients the masses and ladies are craving for.

The introduction part of the film is excellent. So is the flashback episode. This film is aimed at masses and ladies segment. The caption for this film is 'The Extraordinary Man'. Incidentally, this caption has become a weakness for the film. The hero is shown with no weaknesses. If hero does not have any weak point, then there is no way the villain can exploit hero. When villain becomes weak, then the movie falters. But the Rajasekhar's one-man-show saved this film from becoming a boring melodrama. This film is not recommended for urbane viewers and it will get adulation, whistles and good following from the B and C centers.