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Sikander Reviews
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Krishna(Suriya) lands in Mumbai, in search of his elder brother Raju Bhai(Suriya). He keeps tracking Raju Bhai’s close aides, and starts collecting details about his brother.

On the other hand, moving back into the flashback, Raju Bhai is a dreaded don in Mumbai, who runs his empire along with his best friend Chandu(Vidyut Jamwal). During this time, he also falls in love with Jeeva(Samantha). But situations change drastically with the entry of Imran Bhai(Manoj Bajpai), who also plans to gun down both the friends.

What happens to Chandu and Raju Bhai. Will Imran Bhai execute his plan ? Will Krishna manage to find his brother ? To know answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Plus Points:-

Major plus points of the film is Suriya, and the first half. Once again, Suriya proves what a power packed performer he is. He looks extremely stylish, and carries off both the roles with utmost conviction. Samantha looks pretty, and adds the necessary glamour quotient. She even surprises us in a short bikini scene.

Action episodes have been designed well, and the way the movie has been shot with rich production values is also good. Vidyut Jamwal and Manoj Bajpai play their roles to the best of their capabilities. Samantha and Suriya’s love track has also been designed well.

Minus Points:-

After setting up the film nicely during the first half, the entire second half bogs down completely. The movie becomes quite predictable here, and the pace with which the story moves is quite slow.

Brahmananadam’s comedy is horrendous, and does not bring any laughs. Just when you think the movie is catching up pace, Chitrangada Singh’s item song breaks out, spoiling the flow of the film.

Music plays an important role in every Linguswamy film. But sadly in Sikander, the music is a minus point, and most of the songs in the second half are forced and come in as speed breakers.

Technical Aspects:

Sikander is quite high on technical aspects. The production values look quite rich, and the way Mumbai has been showcased is also good. As said earlier, music of the film is quite disappointing, and none of the songs manage to create an impression.

Linguswamy’s direction is quite weak, as he completely let’s go off the second half. He takes for ever to complete the film, and makes it quite predictable for the audience. Screenplay of the film is quite good during the first half, but disappoints during the second. Dialogues are just about ok, but it is the background score which nicely elevates Suriya’s heroism.


On the whole, Sikandar is one film which starts on a entertaining note, and bogs down completely during the second half. Suriya’s stylish looks and Samantha’s glamour are the only plus points. Rest of the film is quite predictable, and makes up for a watch only for Suriya.

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