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Shopping Mall Video Songs
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Shiva (Mahesh), who is a topper in school, is forced to leave education as his father gets killed in an accident. He gets a job in big Shopping Mall where the workers lead a life which is nothing short to that of a hell. In that mall there is Rani (Anjali) with whom Shiva eventually fall in love. The young couple has to survive in that jail-like Shopping Mall to succeed. They get through all the torture and when the going seems to look blissful, ugly fate smiles on the couple to change their lives forever.

Vasantha Balan had the guts and courage to make a film on the hard hitting reality and he didn’t try to beat around the bush at any instance. In fact he did do good research about how the life goes on ‘behind’ a shopping mall. He brought the pain of those sorrowful lives in a heart-melting way. Also he spun an excellent love story in between and it is sheer poetry to watch those romantic scenes between Mahesh and Anjali.

Climax is brilliantly done as it leaves a haunting impression on the audiences even after they leave the auditorium. The film starts off with a bang and perfectly paves into the flashback and moves at a good pace until the interval point. Later on it does lose some speed and the proceedings seem heavy. However, we won’t complain as this is understandable in such films.

New actor Mahesh is perfect fit in this role. The boyish charm and innocence in his face added to the character. He should work on his expressions though. Heroine Anjali is brilliant. She suited the role to the T. She showed the pain and happiness excellently through her beautiful big eyes. A. Venkatesh is believable as a heartless supervisor. Pandi did well in the role of hero’s friend. Every artist did justice to their respective roles. The director opted for brand Tamil faces to appeal to the native Tamil audience and few of them would irk Telugu audience who doesn’t like the Tamil ‘rawness’ and ‘over the board’ performances.

Tamil dialog were powerfully written and are dubbed into Telugu in a convincing style. Prakash and Vijay’s music is an asset to this film. A couple of songs stay with us. Background score is pretty good. BGM elevated the mood of the film and is in sync with the scenes. Richard M. Nathan’s camera work is splendid. His lighting schemes brought the natural feel into the film. Camera plays a big role in this kind of dark films to make an impact and Richard’s camera does exactly what was required.

Editing could’ve been crispier as there are times when the viewer feels that the film is being dragged. Art work is one more positive point in this film. The canteen and dormitory are created in a ‘disgusting’ (in the positive sense) manner. Kudos to the team! Suresh Kondeti, who dubbed Kadhal into Telugu as Premisthe and made good profits, banks on similar film yet again to make money. He should’ve taken more care on dubbing this film to suit the native factor.

Vasantha Balan is here to stay. Unlike his guru Mr. ‘Mighty’ Shankar, he tries to make small budget films which are realistic and down to earth. A director’s true capabilities are generally highlighted in this kind of films and Vasanthabalan passes this test in flying colors. Some might feel that the director has been completely ‘negative’ in showcasing Shopping Mall. However, his idea itself is to show the ‘blackness’ of the life. Darkness isn’t fine to walk through, but for some it is everything which they can’t avoid but only could adjust to. Survival is the ultimate goal for a human and Vasanthabalan shows how to ‘survive’ against all the odds. The last scene is a true spectacle of it. Take a bow sir!

There is a strongly believed notion that so-called art films or realistic films are only meant for awards and they rarely enjoy commercial benefits. Tamil cinema is an exception to it. Tamil audiences are game for realistic hard hitting cinema and their filmmakers are happily making films inspired from real life characters. That is probably the real reason for Tamil film industry producing some wonderful films unlike its close competitor Telugu cinema.