Shambo Shiva Shambo Trailers

Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Bellamkonda Padmavati
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Shambo Shiva Shambo Trailers
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Karna (Ravi Teja) is a go lucky due who is unemployed and is in search of a good job. He gives a lot of value to the friendship and is sincere in all his works and reciprocates the same from others. He has two good friends named Malli (Allari Naresh) and Sreenu (Siva Balaji) who have same thoughts like Karna. Incidentally, Santosh enters the life of the three friends. He is a son of an MLA and is in love with a factionist daughter named Priya. In order to gain his love, Santosh requests for help from Karna, Malli and Sreenu. So, the three friends decide to help Santosh with the help of another friend named Nani(Sunil). With lots of courage and struggle the tri, manages to unite Santosh with his lover Priya and settle them in marriage bonding.

In this struggle or can also be said as a battle for love Malli becomes deaf and Srinu looses his leg. Karna has an uncle which is a character played by Tanikella Bharani. He has a daughter, Priyamani who is in love with Karna. But Karna’s uncle has a condition that Karna must secure a good government job. But in the struggle to unite Santosh and his love Priya, Karna looses his lover Priyamani as her father decides to arrange another match for her. In the meantime, the friendship gets a shock that Santosh and Priya have parted their ways due to some differences. Karna gets angry abut the couple Santosh and Priya and decides to teach them a lesson. After struggling a lot and loosing everything personally, the trios of friends are disappointed with the couple’s splitting. So, they hatch a plan to decide the couple a lesson and the climax is about the lesson.

Ravi Teja, Naresh and Siva Balaji live to the expectations of their characters. The three heroes acting are impeccable and specially Ravi and Naresh steal the show. Priyamani has played a non glamorous simple role in this movie and acts well. The rest of the star cast Tanikella Bharani, Abhinaya and other characters also act well. Music by Sundar is average and suits to the storyline of the film. But the music gives the Telugu audiences a bit of Tamil taste. The movie with the village background will surely appeal the mass crowds The direction by Samuthirakani is good and the screenplay factor also lives up to the mark. But commercially this movie may not get good collections at the box office as the storyline is presented in a crude way. But one cannot predict this movie’s success as it may attract the Telugu audiences attention due to its friendship element.