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Akkineni Nagarjuna
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Seetharama raju Video Songs
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Take an opinion poll today in Andhra Pradesh to name the most selfless freedom fighter from the state, a significant number would recall the name Alluri Seetha Rama Raju instantly. But it's a shame that not many of us knew how ASR inspired the marginalized people in the Northern Circar region to fight for their basic rights untill we watched this eponymously titled movie. Produced by Superstar Krishna himself on his flagship Padmalaya, this high budget movie chronicles the events that led to the Rampa rebellion. Inspired by the ideologies of the "extremists" or "radicals" in the freedom movement like 'Lal, Bal, Pal', Ajith Singh, Balagangadhara Pillay and others, Alluri Seetha Rama Raju (Superstar) unites the meak and forms a rebellion that eventually fights the feared Assam Riffles wing of the British military for over a year in what has now come to be known as the "Rampa Rebellion". Since all wars usually turn out to be number games, the rebellion is of no match to the might of the British Army and to minimize the casualties at this end, ASR surrenders himself to the enemy. The movie ends with Rutherford (Jaggayya) executing the noble warrior without the procedural military trial.

Retrospecting on this movie, Superstar Krishna recently mentioned that though he had portrayed this character in his hit film Asadhyudu, he undertook this project only at the insistence of producer D.L.Narayana of Vinodha pictures- Chiranjeevulu, Devadasu etc. Initially, Mr. Narayana had the idea of producing this movie with Natabhushana Sobhan Babu but mothballed this project due to some financial constraints.After dropping this idea, he approached Krishna with the idea of making a new movie with him. During their conversation, Krishna asked Mr. Narayana to produce ASR with him. Expressing his inability to take such a huge risk at that juncture, Mr. Narayana, however, encouraged Krishna to take up this project as he thought that it would be a nice follow up movie for Padmalaya to their two phenomenally successful movies Pandanti Kapuram (1972) and Devudu Cheesina Manushulu (1973). Since they did not want to break a winning combination, people at Padmalaya decided to repeat the duo of Tripuraneni Maharadhi and V.Ramachandra Rao, the faces behind Devudu Cheesina Manushulu. Since this was a prestigious film, Mr. V.S.R.Swami, the director of cinematography, wanted to offer something new to the audience and suggested that it be made in full length cinemascope to which the producers agreed.

Since this technique was absolutely untested before, the makers had to import the necessary equipment like Aeriflax & Michell cameras, 45mm & 70mm lenses from Kamal Amrohi, who used them to can the Hindi classic film Pakeezha. The entire unit moved to the huge sets that were constructed in the remote areas of Madanapally and Horsely hills in Chittoor district. Half way through the shoot, tragedy struck the unit as director Ramachandra Rao passed away. Krishna did not want this to be an encumbrance to the timely completion of the movie. He, thus asked one of his other soul mates K.S.R.Das to come on board and completed it in a single schedule as planned originally.This probably was the first time in the Tollywood industry for an established director to take up the direction of a film's second unit. By that time K.S.R.Das directed the super successful film Mosagallaki Mosagadu (1971) with Superstar Krishna.

Qualified critics have written a lot about Superstar Krishna's performance in this movie. Despite these raving reviews, it is interesting to note that his acting was not appreciated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Those were the days when the jury opined that commercial success and formal recongitions were two mutually exclusive elements. Considering the fact that the jury has started recognizing performances in commercially successful movies also, Superstar Krishna would surely have been a leading contender for one, had this movie released in present times. Jagayya, in another author backed role, closely matches the histrionics of Superstar in the movie. While Krishna rendered gravitas to the title role, Jagayya, with his suave enunciation of the English lines "No Major Gudal, We must kill to rule and not rule to kill", " Mr. Gudal, You better talk less and work more" brought in the necessary sophistication required for his role. Never before and never after him not even the illustrious Praan as Bussi in Taandrapaaparayudu has anyone performed these kinds of roles so consummately. It is also an absolute delight to watch so many distinguished actors and actresses trying to out perform each other in the movie. Interestingly, each of them gets a chance to show their credentials somewhere.

As the founding president of the Civil Liberties Union and an active member of "Viplava Rachayathala Sangham" (VIRASAM), Telugu poet Sri Sri played a prominent role in the evolution of leftist ideology in India. Hence, the song "Telugu Veera Leevaraa" which has lines like "Tirugubaatu Cheyyaraaa, tharimi tharimi kottaraaa" came naturally to him. Apart from this National award winning song, ASR also has another melodious song called "Vasthaadu Naa Raaju ee rooju" that testifies the wordsworthiness of Dr. C.Narayana Reddy