Satruvu 2013 Review

Bolla brahmanaidu
Movie Genre
Action Romance
Satruvu 2013 Review
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Story :

Aravind (Rahman) is the mayor of Hyderabad and his daughter is Anusha (Aksha). Rahman pampers his daughter a lot as she loses her mother at a very young age. The story takes a new direction when Anusha goes abroad and falls in love with a guy called Karthik. Karthik is an aspiring Tennis player and Anusha sends him to her dad in a bid to boost his fledgling career.

The story takes a twist here and Anusha returns back to India to seek revenge. She decides to take the help of a rowdy known as Shankar Anna (Srikanth) in order to achieve her objective.

What is the twist in the story? Why does Anusha seek Shankar’s help? That is the story of this film

Plus Points :

Srikanth has decent screen presence and his performance is neat. Raghu Babu and Duvvasi Mohan tried their best to bring some comedy and they succeeded partially.

Minus Points :

The director seems to have written a lady oriented film. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that the original story seems to have been brutally altered to create a new character called Shankar. Srikanth’s role doesn’t have too much importance in the movie and his characterization is poor.

In most masala films, heroines come in only during songs and for glamour scenes. Srikanth’s role is like that in this movie. He comes in for songs and for fights and disappears again.

Aksha’s performance in the movie is very poor. She keeps repeating outdated and cliched dialogues throughout the film. The terrible dialogues don’t end there. Rahman has been given some utterly atrocious dialogues like “Bhayam vasana choose sakthi naku undhi. Adhi nee kallalo chusanu”.

There are so many other mind numbingly stupid scenes and dialogues in this movie.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is alright. Editing is bad. Dialogues are terrible. As for the music, Gana has done a below average job.

The director has failed completely on all fronts in this movie.

Verdict :

Srikanth had some pretty good Box Office hits a few years ago. He should not spoil that legacy with poorly made films like this. There is nothing for viewers in this movie, so you can safely stay away.

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