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Ravi (Nitin) and Geeta (Nikita) are childhood friends. Ravi is a carefree guy who roams around with friends without concentrating on studies. Geeta is a sincere student who passes engineering studies. Ravi has love feelings for her and everybody in the town is aware of it except for Geeta. When she is asked by Nitin's sister-in-law when she is planning to marry Ravi, she expresses her surprise and says that they are just friends and she has no feelings for her. She shows her materialistic attitude by saying that she wants her husband to be financially and academically more stronger than her. Ravi is devastated after listening to her logic. He realizes the importance of being a responsible family member and takes up odd jobs to earn money. He finally gets the visa to work in Dubai. He wants to leave for Dubai as it gives him an opportunity to prove his money-earning ability and it also it gives him the respite of being away from her lady love Geeta. Meanwhile, Geeta's father expires and she starts realizing that it takes more than academics and finances to make a guy qualified to be a husband. And by that time Ravi is already in the airport. Would Geeta express her love to Ravi before he leaves for Dubai?

Artists Performence
Nitin did well as Ravi. He gains the sympathies of audiences for being a too-good-to believe guy who does everything to the lady he loves though she expresses her materialistic attitude. Nikita is very sweet in her looks and histrionics. She is the most discussed about girl in the story of the film. But she did not get enough footage in the film, especially in the second half. She is looking very beautiful in her traditional attires. She has less share even in songs of the film.

There are too many characters in the film. Hero has two parents, a brother, a sister and a sister-in-law. In addition to this Nikita has a father. There is a gang of 5 friends to Nitin. There are 3 close buddies (Rallapalli, MS Narayana and SV Krishna Reddy) to these family. There is a heavy casting in this film because there are around 20 important characters in the film. The director tried to give a definition and justice to all the characters in this film. All the artists did well. However the comedy track in the second half between MS Narayana, Suman Setty and Duvvasi Mohan did not work out well. Its unfortunate to see heroine Nikita getting as much footage as any of these 20 characters got in the film. She would have had a bigger role to play.

Technical Departments
Though the story is set up with a background of two families in a hill station, there are lot many shades of 'Toliprema' story to many scenes in this film like hero's father being allergic towards his son, love of a caring sister and friends gang. Even the scenes like hero getting one of his friends married to the girl he loved (in the beginning of the film) to hero and heroine meeting at airport and heroine saying I love you to hero in climax have striking similarities to Toli Prema.

Director Dasarath did well in the first half by establishing the characters. His direction is neat. But he did not keep the tempo once the story fell in to the main line. And showing such a homely looking traditional heroine as a materialistic girl did not look convincing enough. Director tried to narrate the entire story from hero's point of view and there by he has hidden what's playing in the mind of heroine. Screenplay of this film is slow. The director could not get his grip of the audiences in the second half. However, he played well towards ladies audiences by putting many sentimental scenes.

Music by RP Patnaik is partly good in the film. The titles song 'Premanu Panchina' song is too good and it narrates the story since heroes childhood. However the two mass songs with friends which come continuously in the first half did not give the kick because the lead scenes created for these songs were not effective enough. Nitin's fast song 'Devudichina' shot in HITEX is good. The background score of the film is average.

First half of the film is ok. The second half is dull with few boring scenes in between. Nitin takes the major share of the cake as Nikita is given bad deal (in terms of footage). It's a clean film with slow narration. The film has the chances to do well if the ladies like the sentiment scenes. However, it's a disappointment to the crowds who come to theater to watch an entertainer from a director who made Santosham and from a hero who acted in Jayam and Dil.