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Saleem Trailers
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Satya (Ileana) returns to India after spending 14 years in Europe away from her parents. Munna (Vishnu) rescues her when her fathers rivals attempt to kidnap her. Munna wins the love of Satyas family and tries to woo her. Satya too teases him and accepts his love. While everything seems going smooth, Satya elopes with her boyfriend Krish (Venkat), who is brother to Mafia don Ojo (Mohan Babu) to Europe. She informs her family that she hates being with crowded family members and always wanted to settle in life with Krish and used Munna as an excuse to run away from them. Now Munna heads to Europe to teach her a lesson.

Some never learn from mistakes. Or so it seems. Even after delivering huge disaster like Okka Magadu, director YVS Chowdhary has come up with another film with no proper script and tried to present with formulaic and boredom inducing situations. His latest, Saleem, is yet another costly dud (given the huge production cost!). Right from the scene one the film drags on, never letting us know the plot line, by cheap gimmicks like creating false build-up shots for hero, flashbacks, etc. The film starts off with Ileanas entry and the entire first half focuses on Ileanas naval jutkas and midriff-show. In the second half, Mohan Babus (character is similar to Anil Kapoors role in Tashan) romance with Kaveri Jha takes the seat. In between hero Vishnu tries to steal the show but he is letdown by shoddy screenplay and trite dialogues. Although the film has shot lavishly, it is script and narration that lacks fizz and is completely out of sync with the current trend of films.

Vishnu has shed his weight and looks lean. He is stylish in some costumes and he has also improved a lot in dialogue delivery. Ileana steals the show as entire film focuses on her glam exhibition. YVS has tried to use her skin show as trumpcard but after certain time, it doesnt entice. In the role of O JO (Ogirala Jogaiah) as uneducated Don, Mohan Babu has put in his experience and has come up with neat performance. Kaveri Jha as sexy teacher is okay. Mukehshi Rishi, Venkat, Nepolean, and others are perfect for their roles. Music by Sandeep Chowtha is big letdown. Except Mama Mia, none of the songs are neither foot tapping nor melodious. Cinematography by Ram Prasad is major asset. Also rich production values brought bright look to the movie. Screenplay ( Gopi Mohan, BVS Ravi) and direction is pretty ordinary. YVS seems to have stuck in his Lahari Lahari Lahari Lo days.

Saleem is pucca formulaic film that is told in hackneyed manner. Except glamour show by Ileana and rich production values, not an iota of the film is new.