Sakhi Video Songs

Ramya Films
Madras Talkies
Movie Genre
Love - Drama

Sakhi Video Songs
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Sakhi is a romatic based movie in which, Kartik is an engineering college student in a city. Santi is a medical student living in the same place. Their love started by observing each other while traveling.As their love blossoms over a period of time, the couple informs their respective parents to talk with each other for the marriage proposal. Since Kartik belongs to rich family and Santi to a middle class family, there is some amount of friction in the talks which results in ego clash.Santi being a conservative girl decides to part with Kartik since the family ties are going to be strained. But the separated lovers could not keep themselves away from seeing each other That resulted in Kartik and Santi getting married to each other at a registrar office and keeping their parents in dark.After they started living on their own, there seems to be small misunderstanding cropping up due to the circumstances created by the nature. Rest of the story is about how they get understand with each other.