Saheba Subramanyam Review

Indo English
Dr Suvarna Kalla
Movie Genre
Comedy Romance
Saheba Subramanyam Review
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The story of the film is based in Bheemili. Subbu(Dilip Kumar) is a young college going student who falls for a Muslim girl called Ayesha(Priyal Gor). As time passes by, even Ayesha starts liking Subbu and the couple spend some happy time together.

The twist in the tale arises when Ayesha’s parents come to know of her affair, and put her under house arrest. Rest of the story is about how Subbu manages to solve all these problems and marry Ayesha.

Plus Points:-

Major plus point of the film is the unique story line, which has been narrated with beautiful visuals. Camerawork and music are the heart and soul of this film. They bring a lot of depth to the film and hold the attention of the viewers most of the time. First half and the climax of the film have been designed and narrated beautifully.

Heroine Priyal Gor is yet another highlight of the film. She looks gorgeous as a Muslim girl and the way she has been showcased is also superb.
Performance wise, she has done a good job and some of her expressions during the climax are good. Rao Ramesh is apt in his role of a police officer. Raghavendra, who did the role of hero’s friend, brings in a few laughs in the film.

Minus Points:-

The biggest drawback of the film is the hero Dilip Kumar . As the entire story revolves around him, his role should have been the major attraction. But sadly, Dilip looks too raw for his role and could not deliver the necessary expressions. There aren’t too many twists and turns and as a result, the plot is quite predictable.

After setting up the film nicely till the interval point, the director couldn’t handle the second half. Excitement drops down drastically during the second half. The film gets serious and has no entertainment at all. Love stories like these need to have a strong chemistry between the lead pair, which is completely missing in this flick.

Technical Aspects:-

As said earlier, cinematography and music are the biggest assets of this film. Shaan Rehaman’s music is decent but it is his background score which elevates the film to another level. Camerawork is awesome and holds you with its beautiful visuals. Editing of the film is ok during the first half, but a few scenes in the second could have been chopped off.

Director Sasi Kiran has done a decent job with her debut film. The way she has extracted output from various departments is also good. But her execution during the second half is below par. The excitement that she generated in the earlier stages subsides completely by the time story reaches climax.


On the whole, Saheba Subramanyam is a decent attempt from a debut director. It is a different love story with a lovely premise but it is completely let down by some below par performances. If you go in without any expectations, you may end up liking this unique love story.

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Saheba Subramanyam Release Press Meet
Saheba Subramanyam Release Press Meet
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Celebs at Saheba Subramanyam Special Show