Rye Rye Review

Srinivas (Rye Rye), Pardasany, Aksha, None
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Rye Rye Review
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Story :

Sreenu (Sri) , Rambabu, Chanti and Sandeep are childhood friends. They roam around aimlessly and cause trouble for their neighbours. The 4 youngsters are excommunicated from the village by the headman Bhadram (Ahuthi Prasad). Sandeep runs away after this insult. The other three friends continue to roam around aimlessly.

As the days go by, Sreenu falls in love with Bhadram’s daughter Lakshmi (Aksha). Lakshmi reciprocates his feelings. They decide to elope in order to get married. But Sreenu’s friends behave unexpectedly at this juncture and the story takes a twist. Lakshmi is kidnapped by Durga, who is a perverted sadist.

Sreenu now goes in search of Lakshmi. Will he be able to hunt down Durga? What will happen to the love story between Lakshmi and Sreenu? That forms the story

Plus :

Sri has delivered a neat performance in this movie. His witty one-liners and satires work well. Aksha is very effective in the role of a village girl. She looks beautiful and has performed with a lot of ease.

Ahuthi Prasad has done a good job as the evil Bhadram. His performance is a big asset to the film. The artiste who has played the role of Durga has also done a neat job.

The parody song ‘Konte Chooputho’, which has been shot on Chitram Sreenu, has come out well. Interval twist is good.

Minus Points :

Sri needs to work on his dances if he wants to make it big as a hero.

The basic storyline of the film is a pretty old concept and there is nothing innovative in this department. In such cases, screenplay needs to be fresh/innovative in order to capture the attention of the viewers. That is not the case here.

Ahuthi Prasad’s characterisation is extremely cruel. There are some very raw scenes involving violence and torture and they may not appeal to everyone. The second half of the film becomes very predictable and viewers will be able to guess Durga’s every move.

The placement of songs could have been much better as they spoil the flow of the story.

The climax fight is a bit too outrageous and people spend more time in the air than on the ground! The climax block is needlessly stretched out.

There are some loopholes in the story, especially in the second half.Ahuthi Prasad’s change of heart is very abrupt.

Technical Aspects :

Venkat Prasad’s cinematography is decent. Editing could have been better, especially during the second half. Sri Vasanth’s music does not help the film in any way. Background music is very mediocre.

Sudheer Raju is just about ok as director. He should have taken better care in the screenplay department. Dialogues are ok

Verdict :

With a predictable second half, slow narration and a lengthy climax, ‘Rai Rai’ ends up being a bore fest. Sri and Aksha have put in neat performances but they are not enough to salvage this movie.