Raja Rani Review

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Raja Rani Review
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Story :

James ( Arya) and Regina (Nayanatara) get married to each other to fulfil the wishes of their parents. They do not like each other and constantly quarrel over small things. James has a drinking problem and he comes home after midnight every single time. As a result, there is no conversation between the two and they do not even know each other’s phone numbers.

In such a state, Regina suffers an attack of fits and she is admitted to the hospital. When the doctor asks James about Regina’s medical history and personal details, he realises that he knows nothing about his wife.

He makes an attempt to start a conversation with Regina and discovers that she has a tragic love story. His respect and love for Regina grows. At about the same time, Regina comes to known about the failed love story of James, and she too develops respect towards her husband.

At about this time, Regina gets an offer to work in Australia for a while. Will she go on and leave James behind? That forms the story of this film.

Plus Points :

Arya has done a good job in this movie. Jai is good as naive and innocent call centre executive Surya. Nayanathara looks beautiful in sarees and she has given a nice performance in this film. Her scenes with Jai are funny and endearing.

Nazriya has an important role in the second half and she makes a very good impression. Telugu Film directors and producers should watch out for this talented actress. Santhanam entertains in the film with his trademark funny lines. Sathyaraj is good as Nayanatara’s father.

The movie has some nice emotional moments, like the scene where Arya asks Nayanatara for her phone number and another instance where they discover their love for each other in the climax. The two love stories in the flashback have a very fresh feel and young people will identify themselves with the story.

Minus Points :

The movie has some dull moments throughout the runtime and they take the sheen off the film. None of the actors barring Nayanathara are popular in Andhra Pradesh and this will affect the film to a certain extent.

Even the comedy sequences and some of the scenes have a very Tamil feel and they may not work for our viewers. Songs are a big minus for the film. Entertainment levels are also quite low. The screenplay format might be a little fresh, but the overall story and the climax are quite old and well known concepts.

Jai goes off to the US for cabin crew training but is later shown as a customs official. What happened?

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is nice and pleasant. Editing is not up to the mark as there are a lot of unnecessarily boring scenes in the first half of the movie. Dialogues though are very good, especially for a dubbing film.

Atlee shows great promise as a director and this is just his debut film. He has handled the movie very well for a newcomer.

Verdict :

Raja Rani’ is a decent love story that is let down by slow pace at times and some boring moments. The film may appeal to multiplex crowds and A center audiences, but it will not find much traction in B and C centres. You may give this film a shot as a onetime watch.