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Priyuralu Pilichindi Video Songs
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Meenakshi(Aishwarya Roy) asks Sowmya (Tabu), "Don't you like to choose the man whom you want to marry?". Sowmya replies "I didn't choose to be a woman, I didn't choose my eyes, I didn't choose my nose, I didn't choose my name. So, how can I choose the man who is coming to my life?". Meenakshi states, "But,I will choose a handsome prince who comes like a storm and takes me away!. The rose that I plant , should flower the same day". Movie kicks off with these dialogues that carry the essence of the movie.Srividya is a huge estate owner in a beautiful country-side. Tabu, Aishwarya Roy and Shamili are her three daughters with contrasting personalities. Tabu is a practical,down to earth girl but is still not immune from disappointments. She doesn't expect much from her life. She believes and accepts things that come her way. Whereas Aishwarya Roy, with her doctrines of love at first sight, fervent emotions overtly expressed, lives in fiction. She is romantic,passionate and bubbly.Tabu gets branded as ill-fated lady as one of her suitor dies in an accident. None of her matches workout, much to the concern of Srividya. Ajit is an aspiring young director. He meets Tabu in rather strange circumstances and promptly falls in love with her. Tabu has her own fears and refuses initially.Ajit manages to convince her and vows to marry her after his first filmi debute. Mammoty is a army officer who loses his leg in a terrorist attack. He develops liking for Aishwarya. But she cares a damn. She awaits for her handsome prince and meets him one day in the form of Abbas. Abbas is a rich Stock broker, Finance company owner. They fall in love.As the fate would have it, things suddenly turn around when Srividya's father dies leaving all the property to Nigalagal Ravi, brother of Srividya. Unable to tune up with a loud mouthed sister-in-law, Srividya steps out to the city with her daughters.Things start getting tougher as days pass by.Abbas's financial company gets into doldrums facing cheating charges. Unable to adjust to the sycophantic film field, Ajit loses his first directional offer.Tabu makes desperate attempts to find a job with her software experience,but in vain. After long struggle,she settles down as a receptionist in a software firm managed by Raghuvaran. Aishwarya joins a music school as a teacher with the help of Mammotty. Mammotty manages to unite Abbas and Aishwarya. Ajit gets into good books of an action heroine, Poja Batra. He starts an action film with her. Tabu gets promoted as a junior programmer. Rumors fly around the city linking Pooja Batra and Ajit. Tabu is heart broken and decides to fly away to California. Unable to repay the debts, Abbas decides to ditch Aishwarya for an rich MLA's daughter. Ajit's first movie clicks bigtime. Will he come back to hold Tabu's hand or leaves her to her ill fate? Will Abbas and Aishwarya get together again? What is the fate of Mamotty?Rajiv Maenon sensitively portrays the vicissitudes in the sisters lives and gives an emotional and touching ending to the film


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