Preminchali Review

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Suresh Kondeti
Movie Genre
Romantic Entertainer
Preminchali Review
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The movie is set among a group of college friends who study in Vishakapatnam. One of the guys in the group, Karthik(Santosh) falls in love with Shwetha(Manisha Yadav). One fine day, Karthik proposes to Shwetha but gets rejected by her. After much initiation, Shwetha finally says yes to Karthik, and their love story starts to blossom.

The couple gets so close to each other, that Shwetha becomes pregnant with Karthik’s child. Hell breaks out loose, as both their parents come to know about her pregnancy. Rest of the story is as to how their parents react to this situation, and what twists and turns does this film get into.

Plus Points:-

Major plus point of the film is the message that has been showcased. The director should be credited for bringing such a delicate issue to the notice of the audience. Even the way the message has been executed, is worth an applause.

Last fifteen minutes of the climax is breathtaking, and makes everyone sit right up and think. Some of the family emotions showcased in the second half, are hugely realistic. First half has some moments which will be liked by the youth. Manisha Yadav does a decent job in her role.

Minus Points:-

Major drawback of the film is the male lead Karthik. Though his look suits aptly for Tamil, Tollywood audience will not connect to him at all. Even his acting skills also does not help matters much.

Tamil nativity is a big let off in the film. There is absolutely no entertainment which will not be liked by audience here. First half has nothing new to offer, and has the routine college love story.

Except for the climax twist, everything thing unveiled can be predicted easily. Dubbing used for some of the artists is weird.

Technical Aspects:-

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is a basic plus for this film. Two of the songs dubbed in Telugu are decent. But it is Yuvan’s background music, which elevates the film to another level. Camerawork is just about OK and so is the editing.

The message that has been chosen by director Suseendran is quite good, but the way he has executed the plot is not that great. Some better looking and reputed actors could have made this film more interesting.


One the whole, Preminchali is yet another youthful message oriented film. The movie showcases what problems one can get into when they forget their responsibilities and take things for granted. But for those, who are expecting some fun and relief can ignore this film this weekend.