Premalo Pavani Kalyan Video Songs

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Premalo Pavani Kalyan Video Songs
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Pavani (Deepak) and Kalyan (Ankitha) come to India from US for different reasons. Pavani has come to attend the wedding of her friend, while Kalyan has come to find a suitable Indian girl as his bride. Both of them meet each other for the same wedding and Pavani mistakes Kalyan for the girl that his parents had chosen for him. He tries to woo her and finally both of them fall in love with each other.

But soon the lovers find out that not only is Kalyan the wrong girl, but she is the daughter of Pavani’s father`s friend-turned-foe (Jayaprakash). To keep up the family honour, Pavani decides to get married to the girl of his parents` choice. But then Kalyan comes to stay in Pavani’s house and slowly wins over the entire family in a predictable climax.

Deepak is wooden-faced throughout while Ankitha looks glamorous. The music of Gantadi Krishna is disappointing. On the whole it is a run-off-the-mill love story with a tame climax.