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Premaku Velayara Video Songs
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Venkata Narayana (Prakash Raj) is one of the biggest business tycoons in India having a personal net worth of Rs 2,500 crores. His motto of life is 'Dare to dream and Care to achieve'. His only daughter is Madhavi (soundarya). Movie starts with Venkata Narayana explaining the viewers about his hard work and way of living. His daughter Madhavi is arriving from states after doing her MBA. He wanted to make her the MD for his companies. But Madhavi tells him that she wanted to join as a clerk in his firm and learn the tricks of trade and slowly take over Venkata Narayana post when she is ready. Venkata Narayana likes her idea and he appoints his own daughter (Madhavi alias Malathi) as a clerk in his office.

Manohar (J. D. Chakravarthy) just finished his Manohar comes to know that Venkata Narayana is none but his own maternal uncle. Then he chooses the easy way out to become a filth rich millionaire. That is to marry the daughter of Venkata Narayara, Miss Madhavi. On his way to Hyderabad, Manohar skillfully rescues a pregnant, who happened to be the friend of Madhavi. As expected Manohar nonchalantly leaves the train without making any advances to Madhavi though she attracted him with her charms.

Manohar joins his uncle's office as Dispatch Clerk.Manohar gets surprised by knowing that the beautiful girl he met in train is working at the same office. He meets his college time bum chum Raviteja as the canteen owner for the same office. He puts up his stay with Raviteja. Obviously Malathi is staying in the ground floor of the same building in which these guys are staying. When Manohar and Ravi Teja overhear the telephonic conversation by Malathi to her Dad, they come to know that Malathi is none but Madhavi. Then the inevitable thing happens and they fall in love. Madhavi confesses to Venkata Narayana that she is in love with Manohar. Then Venkata Narayana tells her that Manohar is her brother-in-law and Manohar is interested in her money than herself. Madhavi refuses to accept the allegation by her father and she tells him that she will prove that Manohar is not after money.

She perform a drama to convey the message to Manohar and Ravi Teja that she is a daughter of fisherman. Manohar fails to acknowledge his love to her after he realizes that she is a daughter of a poor man. He confesses her that he is here to marry the daughter of Venkata Narayana, but not Malathi. He expresses his love and obsession for money. Madhavi has two choices now. One is to go back to her father and accept her defeat. Second one is to change Manohar. She decides to do both. She meets Venkata Narayana and tells him that Manohar is a money minded man. She asks him to give her a chance to change Manohar. They fix 31 December 1999 as the deadline.

Meantime Manohar loses his job in Venkata Narayana company. Inspired by a spirited speech by Malathi, he decides to do his own consultancy by giving solutions (ideas) to the CEO's who are facing labor and marketing problems. Still he believe in money and the charm of the 'Daughter of Venkata Narayana', whom he thinks he did not found. Manohar in turn upsets the apple cart of Venkata Narayana by making the strategic marketing deals with Venkata Narayana's business rivals. Now Venkata Narayana decides to come even with Manohar and promises him that he will give his daughter to Manohar and that grand announcement of this news would be done at 31 December night bash. Enter the comedy oriented sweet villain Surya (of Sindhuram and Thammududisambiguation needed fame). Surya is the brother of Venkata Narayana's wife. Surya is willing to marry Madhavi. This film crazy, director aspirant, Surya follows Venkata Narayana and webs a hypothetical story around the incidents and concludes that Manohar is the villain of the entire episode.

It's 31 December 1999. Mid night is fast approaching. As he is the Hero, Surya kidnaps Manohar and keeps him in his dungeon and go to attend the mid night bash thrown by Venkata Narayana. As the clock is fast approaching to the midnight hours, we are left with a nail biting suspense. Will Manohar comes to attend the bash by bashing the guys who kidnapped him? If he managed to come to party, will he accept to marry the daughter of Venkata Narayana? watch this comedy entertainer to know the climax.