Prayanam Video Songs

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Prayanam Video Songs
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Dhruv (Manchu Manoj Kumar) is a man who loves challenges and he is on his way to Singapore along with his friends Kailash (janardhan) and Raman. He is at the Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for the flight and here comes Harika (harika) along with her aggressive friend. She is on her way to India and is likely to meet her prospective husband so if all goes well, she would get engaged. An incident takes place and Dhruv bumps across Harika. It is love at first sight for him and he decides to win her heart. On the other hand, Harika is a girl who believes in planning and being systematic. Now, Dhruv has got just two hours to express his love and also get a positive answer from Harika. Is he successful or not forms the rest of the story.

Manoj looks handsome but for some reason he was unable to emote few innocent expressions naturally. He looked inconsistent in his performance. Harika has got really expressive eyes and though she is not beautiful, she has that cute look and her eyes do most of the talking. Janardhan provided a major relief with his dialogues and performance, the other friends also added humor to the otherwise dull session. Brahmanandam failed to fire this time and barring one or two moments, there was nothing much for him. There are no others in this movie to talk about.

Technical aspects
The dialogues are alright and some places were quite funny, script was written okay but then there is no content in this one. So it depended on screenplay which has not been stitched that entertainingly. Background score was good but was unnecessary at few scenes, one song is worth humming. Cinematography was neat, costumes were trendy but not much expenses on that as each character wore just one dress throughout the film. Editing was average. Graphics in songs was effective.

Director’s portrayal
The director has come up with a one line story and the rest depended on how he could pull this off to the entire two hour duration. While his presentation aspect was good, he could not muster enough excitement in his narration and it must be said that this was going to be a tough one for him though it is a different approach he took for a love story.

The film is quite mild and though the message is about falling in love at first sight, the possibilities are such things are quite rare in real life so audience might find it hard to connect. While the first half goes about with the hero meeting the heroine and trying to meet her again and again, the second half goes about trying to impress her and win her heart. Except the last fifteen minutes or so, the film does not really take off with any hearty humor and even the scene of falling in love at first sight lacked the depth. The film might just be a mediocre treat for the teen audience but the fact is, it is not a memorable journey for the viewers in the theatres.