Praanam Review

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Praanam Review
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Then there was a village in coastal area. Sivudu (Naresh) belongs to lower caste and Katyayani (Sadaf) is a chaste Brahmin. When the village head comes to know that they fell in love, he decides to hang them off because inter-caste love/marriage is a sin as per their village laws.

These two souls take a rebirth. Kathyayani is born as Uma, a sister of powerful politician (Benerjee). Sivudu is born as Kaasi, a NRI orphan who returns back from USA to do a Telugu music video album. He is in search of a pristine Telugu girl and he finds Uma. They fall in love, but her politician brother wants her to get married to his nephew (Shafi).

Uma and Kaasi run away from Vizag city to coastal area and incidentally they land in a place where Kathyayani and Sivudu lived. The village men identify them. The rest of the film is all about how all ends well.

Artists Performence

Allari Naresh: It's a pretty much different character for Allari Naresh. He did well in the role of 'Kaasi'. But for 'Sivudu' role, he should have changed his body language to make the character look more innocuous.

Sadaf: She breathed in life into the character of 'Kathyayani' with her powerful and emotional performance. She is an asset to this film. Her village belle looks perfectly suited the character of Kathyayani. Her performance in this film would remain as one of her bests in her entire career.

Seeta: Seeta did a very unglamorous role of hero's mother. She did extremely well. She dubbed her own voice for the first time and her voice suited the character.

Others: Benerjee gave a controlled performance as the brother of heroine. Shafi's role does not have any purpose in this film. Rallapally did a very good character. The only comedy ingredient in this film, which is performed by MS Narayana and Kovai Sarala is not up to the mark. Rajan P Dev has just 2 scenes in this film, but there two scenes are very important and powerful.

Technical Departments:

Story: Though the writer claims that the story is inspired by a news paper item on an incident happened in UP, this storyline has similarities to old flicks like Mooga Manasulu, Janmajanmala Bandham, Janaki Ramudu etc.

Screenplay - direction: The director Malli - who worked as an assistant director to Krishna Vamsi - inherited the taking style of Krishna Vamsi. Lots of scenes and framings in this film reminds us of Krishna Vamsi's direction. The way he directed the first half an hour of the film is pretty good. The scene in which the souls of are graphically navigated from the dead bodies and then to the statue of the Goddess and then to the galaxy of stars and then how these souls enter the new bodies is pretty imaginative. However, he could not maintain hold on the film once the lead pair takes a rebirth. The climax of the film is good. But the scenes in between the 1st birth episode and reentry of lead pair into 1st birth area are uninteresting and boring at times. The director Malli has got good directorial talent in him. If he chooses a commercially viable subjects in future, he can stand as a commercially successful director to reckon with.

Music: Music is one department that stands out in the entire film. Debutant music director Kamalakar scored very melodious tunes as songs. He also did pretty good background music. 'Nindu Noorella Savasam' is the best tune of the film and it is used in this film as background music for umpteen number of times.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Haranatha Rao are apt and suited the theme and flow of the film.

Photography: Photography by Bharani Dharan is another highlight of the film. 90% of the film is shot outdoor. Photographer captured pretty good locales from the interiors of AP. A hue of gray (like Lagaan film) is given for the episodes of first birth.

Production: Producer Maganti Babu is the son of late politician and producer Maganti Ravindranath Chowdary. He established this banner GMRC (G stands for Lord Ganesha and MRC stands for Maganti Ravindranath Chowdary). This film boasts of high production values. There is no compromise on the scale of the film. He should be commended for spending more than 3 crores on this subject that lacks commercial scope.

The film starts on a good note and ends on a happy note. The 1st birth episode is very good. The climax is also good but quick. The in between narration did not sustain the mood of the film. The highlights of the film are Sadaf, director's taking, music and photography. The vital drawback of the film is lack of entertainment and commercial values. This film may get handful of awards, but may not get any financial reward for the producer.