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Pooja Video Songs
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Pooja (Telugu: పూజ) is a Telugu movie of AVM Productions released in 1975. It was a musical hit, especially for the superhit song "Ennenno Janmala Bandham". The movie is a remake of the original Kannada movie Eraadu kanasu (1974), starring Dr. Rajkumar and music by the same music director duo Rajan - Nagendra.

The music director for the movie was Rajan-Nagendra, Lyrics by Dasaradhi. Some songs were sung by S.P.Balasubramanyam and Vani Jayaram. The song "Enneno Janmala Bandham" is known for the captivating lyrics
It's a musical love story. The hero Ramachandra Rao/Ramu (Ramakrishna) falls in love with a beautiful girl, Lalitha (Manjula) who is also his cousin. He loves her so deeply that he wants to marry her at any cost. His father (Kanta Rao) is the Head of the village, his mother (Savitri) a housewife. Due to some internal disputes between Ramachandra Rao's parents and Lalitha's parents, Lalitha's father (Mikkilineni) denies the proposal. Later according to his parents wish, Ramachandra Rao is forced to marry another girl, Gouri (Vanisri) the daughter of a lawyer (Relangi). But he refuses to accept her as his wife as he is already in love with Lalitha, and does not behave properly with Gouri (now his wife). His parents observe their son’s behavior and leave for pilgrimage, thinking that their absence will bring both wife and husband together. Gouri is very obedient though she is well educated and rich. She loves her husband very much and expects the same from him like any other wife. But her husband continues to neglect her. She even asks him the reason for rejecting her. He says that he is helpless and asks her to go to her mother’s place. She refuses to leave and continues to stay in the same house along with her husband. She prays to her favorite God daily with great devotion. God listens to her at the end and her husband accepts her as his wife and gives her all his love. Watch the movie to discover why the hero suddenly changes his mind and accepts his wife. The comedy between the lawyer (Relangi), K.V.Chalam and Allu Ramalingaiah is enjoyable. As a whole, the film is a wholesome family entertainment movie.