Peddannayya Video Songs

Ramakrishna Horticultural Cine Studios
Nanadamuri Ramakrishna
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Peddannayya Video Songs
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A family oriented melodrama that is a rediscovery of big closely knit extended family. Balakrishna in one role as Ramakrishna Prasad is an epitome of virtue, honesty and integrity both as an elder of the family and as a village administrator. He opposes the attrocities committed by Charanraj (Bhaskara Rayudu) of the same town. The second role of Balakrishna is that of Ramakrishna Prasad's uncle's (Balaiah) youngest (third) son (Bhavani Prasad) who is a student at the medical college. Peddannayya (Ramakrishna Prasad) is held in high esteem by Balaiah's sons, i.e. his younger brothers, just the same way as Peddannayya bestows upon them his best for shaping their life and careers. Roja (as Sita Mahalakshmi) who is Peddannayya's lady love sacrifices her life and remains unwedded in order to bring up Peddannayya's younger brothers.Villian Charanraj aided by his uncle Chenchuramaiah (Kota) unable to bear the harmony in this joint family tips the scales and creates a wedge between the brothers.

Bhavani Prasad is in love with classmate Sravani (played by Indraja). Orphaned as a child, Sravani is under the care of her uncle who runs a brothel. Not dissuaded by this fact, Bhavani Prasad wins her in a bid and marries her.Not withstanding this insult to the family honor, Subhasri, Chenchuramaiah's daughter accuses the newly weds of utter disrespectto the prestige of their family. Sita Mahalakshmi shelters the young couple in her house. As a result of some turn of events Peddannayya is also misunderstood by his younger brothers.

Their mother through a flash back explains Peddannayya's deep concern for bringing up his uncle's sons (read his younger brothers) and hence as a sacrifice he abstains from marrying his lady love. With this the disintegrated family comes back together again. Meanwhile, the two villians - Bhaskara Rayudu and Chenchuramaiah hatch a plan and kill Sita Mahalakshmi and transfer the blame onto Ramakrishna Prasad. Now it is the turn of the younger brothers to take on the villians. In a stabbing melee Ramakrishna Prasad is grievously injured. As a benevolent act and fulfillment of wishes before departing from this world, Ramakrishna Prasad ties the nuptial knot with his longstanding, but now dead, lady love in keeping with the belief that she would attain salvation if she departs as a married woman.

A movie full of sentiments of upholding traditional extended family structure and has great appeal for the masses. Almost in imitation of his father and movie legend NTR, Balakrishna indulges in a lot of platitudes and histrionics. Kota has a good role as villian. The picturisation of the songs is pleasing to the eye.