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Pasivadi Pranam Video Songs
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Madhu (Chiranjeevi) is a painter who becomes a drunkard since his wife gets killed immediately after their marriage in an accident. He leads a careless life until a kid (Baby Sujitha) who is deaf and vocally challenged (dumb), enters his life. He names him Raja and takes care of him however, he doesn't stop drinking. Raja's parents are murdered by Venu (Raghuvaran) and his assistant and Raja is the witness to murder who is tried to be getting rid of by them. Geeta (Vijayashanti) meets the kid in a shopping place and mistakes him to be Madhu's son and fights with them when the kid accidentally breaks her just bought gift and later realises her mistake and comes to apologise to Madhu's house. She befriends the kid and gradually falls for chiru. Later she comes to know that the kid is none other than her sister's (Rajyalakshmi) son and she was murdered. Chiru is accused of murder and kidnap, and is arrested by Inspector (Prabhakar). But they realise that he is not the actual killer and is released. However Venu and his assistant keep trying to kill the kid and they are almost successful when Madhu is out drunk one night but saves him in the last minute. This changes him and he gives up drinking. The rest of the story is how the villains are slain and Madhu and Geetha marry and adopt the kid. This is a remake of "Poovinnu Puthiya Poonthennal", a malayalam Movie starring Mammootty.