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Paravasam Video Songs
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Dr. Madhav (Madhavan) is a medico and film star. Though, he becomes a heartthrob of girls with his first film, he does not prefer in acting films, as his aim is to serve the people as a doctor as per the promise given to his deceased father. Sheela (Sneha) is a nurse in Dr. Madhav's hospital. Andam (Lawrance) is a famous dancer in the city. Simi (Simran) plays a mischief to watch one of Andam's show. Andam likes Simi at the first sight and falls in love with her.

Girls harass Dr. Madhav to marry them. Dr. Madhav decides to get rid of these girls by marrying a bride selected by his mother. She picks up Simi. Simi and Dr. Madhav are happily married couple till a London based doctor Rekha (Radhika Chowdary) visits Dr. Mahdav's along with her kid. At that time, Dr. Madhav is not home and it is revealed that Dr. Mahdav had premarital sex with Rekha and the kid is Dr. Madhav's son. Rekha leaves to London after opening the Pandora box at the house of Dr. Madhav.

After the divorce, Simi gets close to Andam and Sheela becomes close to Dr. Madhav. And, as per the circumstances, Andam-Simi and Dr. Madhav - Sheela marriages are going to take place on the same spot. Will this unusual marriage happen or will the couple Dr. Madhav - Simi united again? You have to watch this film yourself in the big screen to know the climax.

Madhavan is at his usual best in this film. Flashing smiles at all the girls he comes across! He is good in intense emotional scenes too! The histrionics of Simran in the second half are simply amazing. She did her seasonal role of housewife in this film too. Sneha is really cute in this role. She acted as a naughty, yet innocent, secret admirer of Madhavan and all the scenes comprising her are very refreshing.

Lawrance did a role that is very much similar to his real life. He donned the role of a dancer. He takes major share in the dances as he had 4 exclusive songs for himself. He did not wear nay makeup. And he is at ease, though watching him on the big screen for long time is going to be uncomfortable. Vivek did a comedy role in this film. Comedian Sudhakar has given voice over for him. His humor gives lot of relief in the film. But he does not have any major footage in the second half.

Technical Departments
The story of the film is meant for the matured audience. But the screenplay and narration mars the good storyline in this film. Bala Chandar seems to have gone into the Television shell. In the TV serials, he has enough time to establish each and every character and narrate the story at a snail's pace. But in the film, the narration should be crisp enough to keep the audience immersed in the film. Bala Chandar tries to do too many things in the given 15 reel duration of time and there by fails to do justice to his job. But the way, he handled many scenes in the film is very matured and healthy. The comedy in the first half is genuine and rib tickling. He failed to make the climax interesting by slack narration.

The biggest drawback of the film is the poor editing. Jayant told in an interview that a film is made in two tables. One is the writing table and the other one is editing table. Things seem to have gone wrong on the table number two. The bad editing shows up in the film in the second half. They should have trimmed the climax scene.

Music The one aspect of the film that stands out is the brilliant music. This music is also not used in the film effectively. The music for the film is composed after the entire talkie part is over. Hence, the makers could not properly make the songs and music gel well with the narration of the film. 'Aksharalu Rendaina Pedda Maata Sishya' is the best song of the lot. It's a stunning visual delight. Lawrance performs four of the songs in this film on the screen and he does a fairly neat job with his swift steps. An additional song (which is not there in the album) was also inserted for Lawrance.

The first half of the film is OK. But the second half disappoints the audience. The final jolt comes in the form of sluggish climax that was badly edited. The narration of the story is not convincing enough. The strength of the film is music by AR Rehman and histrionics by Simran. The negative factor of the film is bad editing and slow paced narration. You can watch this film without any expectations if you love AR Rehman music and Bala Chandar's shot making. Otherwise, it might disappoint you.