Parama Veera Chakra Review

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Parama Veera Chakra Review
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Chakradhar (Balakrishna) is a renowned Telugu film actor. A girl (Sheela) gets attracted to him and wishes to get close to her. Chakradhar’s mother (Jayasudha) never likes her son getting into films. She wishes to see him in Indian Army as Major. But things take different turn and Chakradhar continues as actor playing varied roles like Ravana, Komaram Bheem, labor leader etc.

A team of Army officers come to Chakradhar to narrate a story. An officer (Murali Mohan) narrates him the character of a great Army officer Major Jayasimha. Listening for a while Chakradhar gets Major Jayasimha into him. He started carrying that character with him after getting inspired to the maximum.

Then what happens? Will that story becomes a film or a reality? Who is Major Jayasimha? Why Army officers come to meet Chakradhar? That forms rest of the story with various twists.

There is nothing to point out Balakrishna. He attained his trade mark in acting and getting continued with that. On a whole he is marvelous in the role of Ravana and labor leader. He also showed his prowess while delivering a dialogue on film actors. Except the signs of catching up age, Balakrishna looked as usual with respect to his theatrical skills.

Sheela has no proper role. She appears just for some glamour sake. Indeed, her glamour is not used properly.

Ameesha Patel has some character but that too very small.

Coming to the comedy part the Robo spoof appeared like a rotten egg. Nasty comedy with C grade taste disgusts the audiences. Brahmanandam, Ali and Hema carry in that spoof till the end. Raghu Babu and Krishna Bhagwan got wasted as they got no role at all.

Dasari pulled many film celebrities on to the screen right from Boyapati Srenu, Srinu Vaitla, Kodi Ramakrishna, Jonnaviththula, Singeetham Sreenivasa Rao etc.

Cinematography is very primitive, make up is below poverty line, dialogues are tasteless, and screenplay is dull.