Ottesi Chepthunna Video Songs

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Ottesi Chepthunna Video Songs
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Surya (Srikanth) is an orphan whose property is under dispute. Since his childhood, the God takes all the things and people he wanted away from him. Hence, he considers himself unlucky and stops wishing for anything. On a particular day, a letter comes to his address by accident, in which the photograph of a beautiful girl is inserted. He happens to see that photograph after he woke up and things started getting well for him. He gets a promotion. Likewise, her photograph has becomes a lucky charm for him. He gets all his ancestral property back. He searches for that girl and finds that her name is Divya (Sravanthy). But she is already in love with a tenant called Dileep (Sivaji) who is staying on the top of her house. Dileep does not have any job and is penniless. Divya's father wants to marry Divya off to a guy with a good job. Divya tells about her love relationship with Dileep to Surya and asks him to bail them out. Though he promises to help her out, he had a strong instinct inside him that she would get back to him at the end. The rest of the story is about how she finds out that Dileep is a crook and marries Surya.

Srikanth has come to a stage where acting in these kinds of roles comes to him in a natural way. He did his best in all emotional scenes. He dances have pretty good rhythm. Sravanthy looks homely in the film and suited the character. She performed well. She is good at dances as well. Sivaji did a two-pronged character. In the first half, he looks like an innocent guy. In second half, he shows his true colors. He is improving from film to film. This film gave him good scope to prove his credentials. After a long gap, Sunil got a character where he can show some histrionics. There are a few emotional scenes for him, which he did with élan. His comedy is also well received.

The comedy track of Kallu Chidambaram is good. MS Narayana did a spoof on films like Basha, SSR, Narasimha Naidu, Aadi, Indra etc by acting as Reddy Naidu. Jaya Prakash did a hilarious Veera Vankara Reddy character (a spoof on Veera Sankara Reddy character from Indra). However, the response from crowds for this spoof is not really encouraging. Anita Patel acted as the lover of Sivaji. LB Sriram did a well-poised character of heroine's father.

Technical Departments

Story of the film is pretty interesting in the first half. However the storyline of the film becomes very predictable once it is revealed that Sivaji's character is a crooked one. Screenplay of the film is average. And the direction is good. The director got a reputation of handling comedy well. Hence the audience expect more quotient of comedy in this film. Director inserted more sentimental scenes.
Dialogues by Chintapally Ramana are OK. Looks like Trivikram has contributed a couple of dialogues for this film. Music by Vidya Sagar is impressive. Canning of the songs is also good. But the placement of the songs is not appropriate. 'Yesko Yesko Yeluroda' is good. 'Padaharella Papa' is pretty impressive. The song that got most of the appreciation is 'Bandarulanti Bastilo' song.

The first half of the film is decent. But the second half is routine. There is no surprise element left and story became predictable once it is revealed that Sivaji character is negative. However, the title has no relevance to the film's storyline. Over all it's an average film. The success of the film depends on how family crowds and ladies embrace it.