OoKodathara Ullikki Padathara Video Songs

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Manchu Mohan Babu
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OoKodathara Ullikki Padathara Video Songs
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The story of the film revolves around a palace known as ‘Gandharva Mahal’ which belongs to Rayudu (Prabhu), the present head of a Royal Family that has lost its former splendor. Rayudu lives with his wife (Meena Kumari) and two daughters Visalakshi (Madhumitha) aand Jagadha (Deeksha Seth) in a small house beside the Mahal. Rayudu rents out the palace to make ends meet. He is shown as a soft and generous man. Some of the tenants take this generosity for granted and harass Rayudu, without paying the rent.

Into this scenario comes Manoj (Manoj Manchu), as someone seeking a place to rent. He slowly gets rid of the problematic elements in the palace and restores control to Rayudu. Manoj falls in love with Jagadha. A happy Rayudu decides to get Visalakshi married and decides to give away the Gandharva Mahal as dowry. One night, Manoj comes to Rayudu with a bloodied nose and claims that he saw a ghost which tried to kill him and warned him about selling the Mahal. Rayudu reveals that the ghost might be his dead father, Rudramaneni Narsimha Naidu (Nandamuri Balakrishna) and explains the history of Gandharva Mahal to Manoj.

Gandhrva Mahal has been with the Rudramaneni family for centuries and was passed on to Narasimha Rayudu, a Zamindar who is well respected in the village. He has a wife (Panchi Bora) and a sister Jagadamba (Simer Motwani). He marries his sister Jagadamba to Phanindra Bhoopati (Sonu Sood). Bhoopati insults Narsimha Rayudu and asks him to give their share in the family property. Deeply hurt by the incident, Narsimha Rayudu gives half of everything he has including the Gandharva Mahal to his sister and walks out of the house. He also gives 100 acres of land to Seshayya (Bhanu Chander), his trusted employee and friend. It is later revealed that Bhoopati married Jagadamba only for the money and wants to marry his sweetheart Amrutha Valli (Lakshmi Manchu). Amrutha doesn't want to marry Bhoopathi since he already has a wife. Consequently, Bhoopathi kills Jagadamba and makes it look like a suicide.

On hearing the news, Narasimha Rayudu is devastated. Only a week after Jagadamba's death, Bhoopathi tries to marry Amrutha in the Gandhrva Mahal. Narasimha Rayudu, angered by Bhoopathi's actions, confronts him. Bhoopathi gets into a fight with Narasimha Rayudu and stabs him with a sword. He also reveals to Amrutha and the dying Narasimha Rayudu that he was the one who murdered Jagadamba. In anger, Narasimha Rayudu kills Bhoopathi and dies in the Mahal. Amrutha, saddened by the events, blames herself for the whole incident. She turns into a beggar.

In the present, Gandharva Mahal is readied for the marriage of Visalakshi. The bridegroom Rishi (Richard Rishi) and his family arrive for the wedding. It is revealed that Bujji (Sai Kumar), Rishi's uncle wants to take the palace and convert it into hotel. Manoj gets to know about Bujji's plan and scares him away with Narasimha Rayudu's ghost. Bujji seeks the help of a Mantrik (Ajay) who reveals that the house is indeed haunted by the souls of Bhoopati and Narasimha Rayudu. He captures the violent soul of Bhoopathi and traps it in a bottle. It is also revealed that Manoj is Seshayya's grandson and was sent by his mother Suguna (Suhasini Maniratnam), Seshayya's daughter to help Rayudu and his family. Manoj reveals to Jagadha that he was never attacked by a ghost and tells her it was part of his plan to avoid giving the Mahal as dowry. Bujji overhears the conversation and is angered. He breaks the bottle in which the Mantrik captured Bhoopati's soul. Bhoopathi's soul enters Rishi's body and tries to kill people. Narasimha Rayudu's soul enters Manoj's body and tries to stop Bhoopathi. Mantrik brings Anrutha Valli to stop Bhoopathi. Amrutha Valli lies to Bhoopathi that she got married and kills herself to stop him. In the end, Visalakshi marries Rishi and Manoj gets married to Jagadha. Manoj also sees the ghost of Narsimha Rayudu sitting on a chair and smoking a cigar, indicating that he would forever protect the Mahal.