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K Durgha Devi
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Onamaalu Trailers
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Narayanarao Master (Rajendra Prasad) is unable to adjust with his children, who were doing jobs in US. Fed up with American culture, he decides to return to his village. The film starts with the flight reaching India. From there he engages a cab to his village and recollects his sweet memories in that village with the cab driver. The entire part before the interval bang is passed on with the recollection alone. In this process, he meets some of his old students on his way. However, he realises how the entire world changed including India with people following western culture and here too people have changed their mentalities including his students. How he makes efforts to enlighten people will form the crux of the film.

Artist Perfomance
Rajendra Prasad has done his role with ease as he did an aged man's role in Aa Naluguru and Mee Sreyobhilashi. As his wife, Kalyani has done her job very honestly. They make a very fair pair. Chalapati Rao, Siva Parvati, Raghubabu and others have also delivered a justifiable performance for their respective roles.

Technical Department
It is the cinematographer Hari Anumolu, who runs the entire story. An actor only can perform, but it is the cinematographer, who had to give the necessary effect in his surroundings and provide perfect light effect. Hari has done it really very well. Gauthamraju's editing is commendable. Koti's music too is adequate and his background score surely elevates certain scenes. Writer Khadir has penned fantastic dialogues, which are jovial and make us realise the life.

Tammudu Satyam has penned a perfect story based on the memories of a school teacher, while Sirivennela gave good situation oriented songs to the film. Director Kranti Madhav has patiently written the screenplay because the story of the film is a series of events and piling up all of them in a perfect way. It is the screenplay, which plays a major role. Kranti Madhav, though a novice, has done a complete justice to the film.

It is a nice recollection of events and each individual will connect at least to one of the scenes in the film. As the tagline suggests, it is like a good remembrance.