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Nuvvu Nenu Video Songs
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Ravi (Uday Kiran) is the son of multimillionaire in Hyderabad. Vasundhara (Anita) is the daughter of a milk supplier cum rowdy. Ravi and Vasundhara do study in the same college. The film starts with Vasudhara showing hatred towards Ravi, as he is a sportsman who is a zero at studies. Over a period of time her hatred turns into love. Finally, they are in love. The parents did not agree to their marriage. The parents plan to avoid the marriage by putting the love couple a clause that they should not meet each other for one year. If their love stays even after a gap of one year, the parents would marry them off.

Father of Ravi kidnaps him and puts under house arrest in Mumbai. Father of Vasundhara takes her to his hometown and arranges a forced marriage. The rest of the story is about how the love pair unites against all odds.

Artists Performances
Uday Kiran There is more scope in this film to exhibit his histrionics. He did justice to his role. He developed lot of muscles for this film and they show up in the initial scenes. The biggest drawback of his character is the dubbing. His voice is a typical Hyderabad born and brought up (non)Telugu guy accent. The voice sounds quite embarrassing for the regular moviegoers.

Anita looks the girl next door. But her hairstyle is the minus point. She has a big forehead. She covered it by maintaining a hairstyle that cover's her forehead. She is decent at her performance.

Technical Departments
Story: You would come across a plethora of Hindi love stories when you watch this film. The Bollywood love blockbusters like Bobby, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, QSQT and Maine Pray Kiya heavily inspired this film. The treatment of love stories in Hindi field changed with the advent if HAHK and DDLJ, where the lovers wish to get the parents approval to get married. Thankfully, the story of this film is about the couple eloping. Hence, the director could not lend the modern-era Hindi love stories. This story is also remotely close to the story of NTR's debut vehicle 'Ninnu Choodalani'.

The screenplay and direction of this film is very technical. You can see the touch of Ram Gopal Varma in this aspect. But, he failed to establish the characters of Ravi and Vasudhara in this film. He has done a wonderful job in establishing the lead the pair in 'Chitram' film. The way the hatred starts and how the lead pair falls in love is also very unconvincing. This film is a prime example of what happens when you concentrate more on technique and less on narration.

The strength of this film is songs, DTS mixing and photography. The comedy is also dealt well. The weakling of the film is story and narration. First half of the film is entertaining. The second half is dragged to no end and makes you feel bored. A simple story can be told in a simple manner. But the director used every possible technique to insert the twists and unwanted violence in this film. This film reminds me of Ram Gopal Varma 'Prema Katha', which has 'all sound & violence - no substance'. This film would gel well with the school going kids and intermediate studying youth. It might sound amateurish for the people who crossed 16, as the concept of love in this film is totally outdated. We have to wait and see how the Telugu movie lovers welcome this film.