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The story of the film deals with stories of three teen male friends. Three of them work as Pizza delivery boys to earn pocket-money. Mahesh (Havish) is a happy-go-lucky boy who gets in fight with his girlfriend Madhavi (Sarayu). Anand (Ajay) falls for his neighbor Archana (Yami) who in turn has hots for a cricketer Vishnu (Vijay Sai). Fidel Raju (Prasad Barvy) is an aspiring musician who hates Rani (Ramya) who keeps bringing bad luck to him. The rest of the story is all about how these three stories converge on an ending.

Artists Performance
90% of the actors in the film are new. Hence one will end up watching characters on the screen. Like most of Ravi Babu’s film characters, the characters in this film too suffer with certain personality problems. Havish did a role where there is scope for entertainment. Ajay has sympathy oriented role. Raju’s role is fun. Among the actresses, Ramya is spontaneous. Radha Kumari is hilarious as bed-ridden bamma. Ravi Babu writes/dons a very good character of a police who is obsessed with marrying off the couples. Haleem deserves special mention for his uninhibited portrayal of a gay. Chakri, RP Patnaik, Koti, Kalyani Malik and MM Keeravani acted as themselves in a few episodes.

Technical departments
(spoilers ahead) There are three different stories in the movie. The story of Anand trying to help the impregnated woman has similarity with the story line of 2002 Korean teen flick ‘Sex is zero’ (the get-up of hero also looks similar). The story of Raju and Rani who are asked to stay together for six months by judge after accidentally getting married reminds us of 2008 Hollywood flick ‘What Happens in Vegas’. Ravi Babu introduces the vital characters well using the voice-over of Sunil very effectively. The conflict points are revealed during the interval points and they are solved towards the climax. The scenes in the first half are fresh and young. However, the extended gay comedy track in the second half becomes a deterrent for the flow of story in the second half. Ravi Babu’s films are known for exploring dysfunctional families and this film too is not an exception. A couple of scenes (the sudden death and hurried hospitalization towards the climax) are not convincing enough. Ravi Babu who has also penned dialogues write neat and humor-oriented dialogues.

Music by Sekhar Chandra is a big asset to the movie. The songs are short in length and they are properly blended into the narration by Ravi Babu. Background music is also apt. Cinematography Sudhakar Reddy complements the theme. Art direction by Narayana Reddy is good. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is nice.

First half of the movie is neat and satisfactory. The extended gay track become a stumbling block for the narration in the second half. Ravi Babu succeeds in narrating the story with sprinkled humor and mellifluous music. A better handling of second half would have made the movie more universal. Ravi Babu has the knack of changing genres. On a whole, Nuvvila is a young film (if you can excuse overly-done gay track in the second half).