Nuvvekkadunte Nenakkadunta Video Songs

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Films
P Uday Kiran
Movie Genre

Nuvvekkadunte Nenakkadunta Video Songs
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Hari (Uday Kiran) had a unique habit of getting weird dreams. Whatever he see in the dream used to come true on one day or the other in future. Keeping it aside, he gets engaged with his uncle’s daughter Nilambari (Arthi). However, the girl doesn’t like him because Hari has no job. In order to get his would be son-in-law a job holder, his uncle brings him and arranges a job for him in a finance company.

Accidentally, Hari comes across Harita (Shweta), who is an orphan, and loses his heart in no time. It is another co-incidence that Hari and Harita stay neighbours. Bhadra (Amit), who is proved to be a bad guy in that locality, also falls in love with Harita. For security from Bhadra, Harita moves close with Hari. At this juncture, Hari had a dream, where he finds Harita facing trouble from Bhadra. Now, it is the turn of Hari to safeguard Harita from Bhadra. So, he takes her away from that place to his village. Will his family accept Harita as he was already engaged with Neelambari? What is the weird dream Hari gets about Harita? Like all his dreams, will this dream too came true? How Hari saves Haritha from Bhadra? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax?

Uday Kiran has played a decent role in this film as Hari. It is neither a youth’s role nor lover boy’s role. He has given good and matured performance throughout the film. Swetha Basu Prasad too did her role with grace and appeared quite glamorous at every available moment. However, Amit did not impress much as dreaded villain. Asish Vidyarthi’s comedy is funny and is convincing. All the other artistes are not much to be talked about.

Technical Department
Dialogues penned by Janardhan Maharshi are casual. They are neither thought-provoking nor very interesting. Pradeep Koneru’s music is just not so convincing. Two songs tuned by him are okay. None of the songs could be remembered by the audiences at least to hum after coming out of the theatre. Camera work by Nandamuri Hari is average and editing is also not so good and poor to a major extent. Though the plot taken by the director Subha Selvam is good, he could not properly present it on the screen. Narration is almost poor from the beginning till the end. He failed to present the weird dreams of the hero on the screen properly. Screenplay is really atrocious and the director himself might have admitted it with the improper narration of the subject. But for some half an-hour after the interval, the entire film is bad and not watchable.